Cupid's Pulse Article: Mila Kunis Agrees to Go On a Blind Date With a MarineCupid's Pulse Article: Mila Kunis Agrees to Go On a Blind Date With a Marine

Want a date with a celebrity?  It turns out it’s not quite as far-fetched as you may think!  Actress Mila Kunis has taken us all by surprise by accepting a blind date offer from a soldier currently serving in Afghanistan, according to People.  Sgt. Scott Moore, of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines, posted a video of himself asking Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball November 18th on YouTube.  Kunis wasn’t originally aware of the invitation, but as she and her Friends With Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake were being interviewed by Fox News, Timberlake encouraged Kunis to accept the offer.  He said, “Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? You need to do it for your country.”  In reply, Kunis said, “I’ll do it.”

What are some ways to make a blind date more comfortable?

Cupid’s Advice:

Blind dates can often times be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable.  There’s undoubtedly a lot of pressure involved.  Cupid has some ideas on how to make your next blind date more comfortable:

1. Talking points: It sounds like overkill, but one way you can make sure there aren’t many awkward pauses in conversation on your blind date is by coming up with a list of talking points before you go. has a great list of 10 first date conversations.

2. Double date: If one of your friends set you up on your blind date, have that friend bring a date and come with you.  Having someone you know there as you meet your new potential mate will put you more at ease.

3. Keep it casual: Instead of spending your blind date at a fancy restaurant, go to your favorite hole-in-the-wall diner.  Wear jeans, and say “no” to high heels.  If you’re physically comfortable, it’ll help you become more emotionally calm.

What’s the worst blind date you’ve ever had? Share your experience below.