Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham Thinks About Giving Up Modeling for DaughterCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham Thinks About Giving Up Modeling for Daughter

It looks like Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is learning exactly what it’s like to be a parent to her 2-year-old daughter Sophia.  Abraham, who recently went under the knife for a breast augmentation to aid in her modeling career, is now having second thoughts on her career choice, according to  In a preview clip airing Tuesday, Abraham said that she’s nervous about leaving Sophia when she has to go away for photo shoots.  When her mom Debra asked her about how she felt on her most recent trip, she said,  “I was really sad but I kept it professional; I definitely think it’s hard being in modeling and being a mom.”

What are some sacrifices you need to make when you have a child?
Cupid’s Advice:

Every parent has to make some sacrifices when it comes to raising their child, and some sacrifices hurt more than others.  Cupid has a few sacrifices you may need to prepare to make when you have a child:

1. Dream career: If your fantasy career involves a lot of traveling or late hours, it may not be the best career path for you if children come into the picture.  You don’t want your child to feel alone or neglected, so unless there’s absolutely no way to cut back at work, your best bet is to choose a different profession, or at least a position with more flexibility.

2. Not as much ‘Me’ time: Before having children, you may have been used to going to your morning yoga session, then stopping by the cafe for a cappuccino, then meeting up with the girls.  When you have kids, this isn’t your everyday reality.  Yes, you can most certainly schedule some ‘me’ time, and most moms do, but there’s no longer ‘me’ time … all the time.

3. Financial freedom: Once you have a child, money is a very important issue.  You can most likely no longer buy a pair of shoes on a whim, and you must consider bills and expenses that a child brings.

What are some sacrifices you made when you had a child?  Share your stories below.