Cupid's Pulse Article: Matt Damon Credits Spouse for Keeping Busy Lives on TrackCupid's Pulse Article: Matt Damon Credits Spouse for Keeping Busy Lives on Track

Matt Damon may have a hectic schedule, but he told People that his wife, Luciana, “really keeps it together,” the actor said at a poker event at the Rio All Suites Hotel.  “We just talk it out and work it all out.”  The duo are expecting their third child this fall, (the baby will be Luciana’s fourth; she has a daughter from a previous marriage).  Even their children are excited about the pregnancy, monitoring the arrival of their sibling closely.  Damon said the kids can tell how their mother and her belly are doing at any given time.

How can you keep a busy family schedule on track?

Cupid’s Advice:

Many families today juggle responsibilities beyond the parents’ jobs and kids going to school.  How do you keep it together?  Cupid has some ideas:

1. Keep a calendar: Create a calendar that allows you to manage multiple schedules in one place.  Hang a wipe off board in a central location, like the kitchen.  This will make it easy to view and add new information as needed.

2. Periodic Family Meetings: Gather regularly to discuss upcoming activities and scheduling conflicts, so the family as a whole can find workable solutions (i.e., carpooling with the neighbors) in advance.

3. Mistakes are OK: When trying to handle many events that occur simultaneously, there’s always the possibility of double booking something, or forgetting to add an activity on the list.  Realize that everyone slips up sometimes – including you!  Discuss ways to keep one another informed and help one other stay on track.