Cupid's Pulse Article: Carrie Prejean Weds Raiders QuarterbackCupid's Pulse Article: Carrie Prejean Weds Raiders Quarterback

Former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, married Oakland Raiders quarterback, Kyle Boller, last weekend, reported E! Online.  The event was complete with a mermaid-style gown and a white Rolls Royce Phantom to take them away to their honeymoon.  The pair have been together since last July, and got engaged in February despite Prejean’s past media controversies, including her face-off with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton over her opposition to same sex marriage and her interview with Larry King.

How can you show support for your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes, speaking one’s beliefs can have negative ramifications, and can hurt others.  If this has happened to your partner, Cupid has some ideas to help you through the experience:

1. Support your partner: Stand by your mate.  Show your support, and be by their side if they’re going through a rough patch.  Be a shoulder to lean on, and a safe place to go when they’ve had a bad day.

2. Find others: If you’re partner is dead-set on a controversial belief, regardless of what it concerns, help them find others who share the same sentiment.  Help your mate start a blog, join Twitter, or connect on Facebook, where they can express their opinions with those who feel the same way.

3. Keep searching: Look for opportunities where your partner can help build their platform. Keep an ear out for local events where he or she can participate in.  If you can, be at the venue if your loved one chooses to talk about their cause.