Cupid's Pulse Article: Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy Have a Baby BoyCupid's Pulse Article: Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy Have a Baby Boy

Kate Hudson is a mom for the second time! People reports that the actress and her fiancé Matthew Bellamy welcomed a baby boy on Saturday in Los Angeles. Hudson has a 7 1/2-year-old son, Ryder Russell, with her ex-husband, Chris Robinson. This is Bellamy’s first child. The pair has yet to name their newborn son.

What are some differences when raising a boy versus a girl?

Cupid’s Advice:

There are many differences between raising a boy and a girl.  Girls tend to cling more to their mother while boys are more around their father.  You notice these differences as they grow, but here are three that might surprise you:

1. Movements: According to research, girls learn to walk and talk before boys.  Once they are past preschool, boys are stronger and better at athletics, while girls excel at school.

2. Emotional: Boys might appear to be less emotional compared to girls, but one study reveals that they are in fact more emotional that their female counterparts.

3. Motor skills: According to, girls learn how to use kitchen utensils, toys, and how to write neatly sooner than a boy does.

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