Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Star Gaze on The BeachCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Star Gaze on The Beach

What’s more romantic than lying under the stars with your boo?  Pretty close to nothing!  Summer is the perfect time to live out your dating fantasies, and what better way to do this than by star gazing at the beach?

Don’t dress for a day to play in the sand, but instead wear some comfy clothes and bring a nice blanket to cuddle up in with your beau.  It’ll guard against the cool breeze that comes off the water at night, and it’ll also be a good excuse for the two of you to snuggle closer.

Pack a bottle of wine and some dinner to create your own romance scene.  You can even set the mood with some slow music or even a cute playlist that the two of you created together, some inscents,or even a few candles.  Now tell me that doesn’t sound like a story book ending!

And what better way to finish off the night than by wishing upon a star? Your wish may just come true, whether it be for true love or simply another date. If you feel like totally sweeping someone off of his or her feet, why not get a star named after them? That’s a scene straight out of A Walk To Remember starring Mandy Moore.

No matter what you decide to do on a starry night, the most important thing you can do is embrace the love that is in the air and enjoy the person by your side.

Have any ideas of your own for a starry night? Comment below, and share with our readers.