Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Fire Things Up On the Fourth of JulyCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Fire Things Up On the Fourth of July

Although Fourth of July is celebrated to commemorate America’s freedom, its festivities make it a great day to plan a date. If you’ll get the weekend off, as well as the fourth of July, spend your three-day vacation with the following ideas in mind:

1. Host a BBQ: Plan on hosting a BBQ with your partner and invite a few friends over. Grill your favorite food and bake a fourth of July cake.

2. Beach: Spend the following day at the beach and have a bonfire in the evening.  Bring a blanket to keep yourself warm when you curl up next to your significant other. Don’t forget to also bring along marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars to make S’mores.

3. Picnic: Spend Independence Day with your love by having a picnic in a park. Light up a few sparklers in the evening.

4. Vacation: Always stressed and no time to relax? Then take advantage of your three days off by taking a short trip with your partner. If you’ll still be in America, make sure to check out the Independence Day parades that are taking place.

Live in Manhattan, New York?  Macy’s will kick off the world’s largest fireworks display around 9 p.m. on July 4th. It’s an event you won’t want to miss.

Do you have any Independence Day date ideas?  Comment below, and share with our readers. Enjoy the holiday!