Cupid's Pulse Article: Top 10 Ways to Score a Summer HottieCupid's Pulse Article: Top 10 Ways to Score a Summer Hottie

By Deana Meccariello

July’s arrival brings wishes of summer love, as there are two full months ahead of us to enjoy the sand, surf, and all things sunny.  So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and score yourself someone scorching to spend the long days (and steamy nights) with.  Here are 10 surefire ways to get your hands on your hottest summer fling yet:

1. Make the first move: You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t take action.  When you’re out and about, don’t be shy – go right up to that hottie and strike up a conversation.  This is much more productive then staring at him wide eyed across a crowded bar.

2. Spend a night out on the town: An evening filled with bright lights is a great way to meet someone new.  If you’re in the New York City area, rooftop lounges like the Empire Hotel and Hudson Terrace offer a romantic atmosphere, along with a gorgeous view, while you’re chatting up your perfect match.

3. Beach it: Head to the coasts or nearby lakes if you’re not by the ocean, since they’re packed with potential beaus just waiting for you to find them.  New York is home to many beaches like the beautiful Hamptons, and New Jersey and Massachusetts are great nearby destinations if you want to head out of the state for a weekend.

4. Volunteer: Donating your time to a worthy cause is another way to expand your social circle – and potential love pool.  Not only will you do good for others, you’ll also meet some great prospects for summer love.  Bonus: You know they’re just as generous with their time as you are, making for a great mate!

5. Indulge in a water sport: Let’s face it – guys love any excuse to get wet, and hanging out by the water is another great way to grab someone’s attention.  Rent a boat or a jet ski with a few girlfriends and have some fun.  You’re bound to see a bunch of guys doing the same exact thing, and it’s an easy and enjoyable way to meet new people while working on your tan.  Just don’t forget the SPF!

6. Participate in a triathlon: Not only will training for this kind of event get you into great shape, but it will give you tons of opportunities to meet up for workouts with the sexy athletes that are sure to catch your eye.  Shy about exercising with a dude?  No real man can resist any excuse to prove his manliness to the ladies – or a woman with confidence.

7. Get involved in a summer league: A guaranteed way to meet that summer catch is by joining a co-ed sports league like beach volleyball or softball.  This will introduce you to a whole new group of active people looking to have a fun summer, just like you!

8. Take your pup to the dog park: If you’re a dog lover, taking your hound out to play will definitely help you get noticed by potential suitors.  This will give you a chance to meet new people with common dog-related interests, like how you secretly let your furry friend kiss you on the mouth when no one’s looking.

9. Relax at a coffee bar: America is coffee crazy, and many cafés come equipped with a cozy ambiance that encourages people to socialize with each other.  Grab a cup of joe and get to know your fellow java lovers – who knows, the caffeine in your triple shot espresso might stir up the pot in your love life!

10. Get rowdy at game night: Sports bars are a great place to meet that sizzling summer hottie. Take it easy on the drinks, but don’t be afraid to show your sports knowledge with the bar regulars. You’ll impress your friends along with that sexy single about to buy you a beer.

Give these tips a try and hopefully, you’ll find your very own summer hottie! Did we miss one of your guy-nabbing ways? Share with us below!