Cupid's Pulse Article: Paris Hilton and Cy Waits Break UpCupid's Pulse Article: Paris Hilton and Cy Waits Break Up

No one saw it coming: Paris Hilton and boyfriend Cy Waits have split.  Just a week ago, Hilton told People of her relationship with the former nightclub owner.  “We’re just really happy where we are right now,” she said. “We’re good.”  Then, on Tuesday night, Hilton changed her tune when she told George Lopez on Lopez Tonight, “We’re not together anymore…  I feel like the relationship ran its course and we’ll see what happens.”  According to a friend, the 30-year-old socialite was not ready for the next step in the relationship, but still wants to remain friends with Waits.

How do you know if you’re on the same page as your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

One day you can be really happy with your relationship, and the next day it can fall apart.  Cupid has some tips on how to know whether you and your mate are in the same place:

1. Communication: The key to any relationship, constant communication is important if you want to stay on the same page.  Talk about where you feel the relationship is headed.

2. Signs: If you feel your partner getting more distant, it may be a sign that he or she is checking out of the relationship.  Watch out for signals that your partner may be trying to send you.

3. Fighting: When you find yourself bickering with your significant other more often, it may be because you to two aren’t on the same wavelength.

What would you do if you knew you and your partner weren’t in the same place in your relationship?  Share your comments below.