Cupid's Pulse Article: Royal Wedding: Prince William’s Cousin Zara Is EngagedCupid's Pulse Article: Royal Wedding: Prince William’s Cousin Zara Is Engaged

Another royal wedding is just around the corner.  Zara Phillips, Prince William’s cousin, is set to marry fiancé Mike Tindall on July 30th, reports People.  Tindall, a 32 year-old professional rugby player, told Mail on Sunday’s Live Magazine how he proposed.  “She was on the sofa, so that made it easier,” said Tindall.  “She was completely in shock and when she stopped laughing, she said, ‘Yes.’ ”  The couple confirmed they will not have a honeymoon, but say that their home life is plenty fun for the both of them.  “Saturday night, on the sofa with the dogs, watching X-Men.  That’s pretty much what our life is like,” said Tindall.  “Rock ‘n’ roll, baby.”

What are some unique ways to propose?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s relatively easy to plan a romantic proposal.  It’s very difficult, however, to plan a unique one.  Here are a few suggestions:

1. Factor in your personalities: Marriage proposals that have a special meaning to the both of you seldom go wrong.  For example, if your partner were an animal lover, you could get a tag with the words “Marry me?” inscribed onto it.  Slip the tag onto your pet’s collar for your partner to find later.

2. Recollect the past: Try proposing at the site of your first date, or at the site of a date that had special significance to the pair of you.  Even if the venue isn’t particularly romantic, your partner will appreciate the symbolism behind it.

3. Make your own adjustments: Try putting a twist on the typical romantic dinner.  Play your partner’s favorite music, and eat your favorite foods.  With these unique touches, the occasion will seem less cliché and more personal.

Do you have any past experience with proposing?  Feel free to share a comment below!