Cupid's Pulse Article: Fran Drescher Says Gay Ex-Husband Is Her Best FriendCupid's Pulse Article: Fran Drescher Says Gay Ex-Husband Is Her Best Friend

Fran Drescher has just announced that her gay ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson is her best friend.  After their 21 years of marriage ended, Jacobson admitted that he was gay.  However, Drescher didn’t find the news to be too surprising.  She told People, “During our marriage he had told me he might be bisexual, but he wanted to stay married.  By the time he told me, I had survived uterine cancer.  Nothing could shake me.”  Over the years, the two were able to rebuild their relationship.  “We’re very tight.  We’re best friends,” she said.

What are some ways to re-build a friendship after divorce?

Cupid’s Advice:

Once your marriage ends, it might hurt to know that you’ve lost a great friendship.  Although your romantic relationship didn’t work out, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be friends.  Cupid has some tips:

1. Casual conversations: Strike up some small talk once in a while with your ex.  While conversing, let him or her know that your friendship means a lot, and that you don’t want to completely write him or her off.

2. Hang out: Go out for coffee or hang out in groups with mutual friends.  Bringing some normality to the situation will help.

3. Closure: The most important step to rebuilding a friendship after divorce is to talk about what led to your breakup in the first place and resolve your issues to a point where you’re no longer bitter.  As the old adage says, agree to disagree.

How did you rebuild a friendship after divorce? Share your experience below.