Cupid's Pulse Article: RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice Debunks Divorce RumorsCupid's Pulse Article: RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice Debunks Divorce Rumors

The Kardashian’s aren’t the only one’s who’ve been hit hard with rumors this month, as Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey also found herself on the gossip train yesterday.  The author confronted the media about her marriage with Joe in a statement to Celebuzz.  Here’s what the reality star said:

“Joe and I are not getting a divorce. We aren’t separated; never have been. We are happily married. I love him as much as the day we got married. My kids are wonderful. Yes, Gia cried in school one day, but everyone’s been really sweet to her since then and she’s tough, like her mom. I’m so blessed to have my beautiful family!

“Even Perez Hilton wrote about me being nice to a person on Twitter who was making fun of me, wondering if did it on purpose of if I’m just stupid.  Sorry, Perez, I knew they were making fun of me (I read people’s Twitter streams before I respond to them so I know where they’re coming from. And that person makes fun of everyone!)  And I was still nice. That’s how I am. I just think you can catch more flies with honey… I have never once in over 6,000 tweets engaged with a hater on Twitter (or Facebook).  I know my other cast mates get into online wars with people, but I just don’t. Never have. Never will. You have the right to your opinion, and I have the right to hit the delete button and not read it. Done, done, done.”

On a positive note, Giudice has a reason to celebrate, as Fabulicious recently made it on the New York Times bestseller list. For more, including her response regarding her brother’s actions on Monday night’s episode, check out Celebuzz.

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