Cupid's Pulse Article: 4 Ways to Celebrate Being Single on Independence DayCupid's Pulse Article: 4 Ways to Celebrate Being Single on Independence Day

By Tanni Deb

The Fourth of July commemorates America’s freedom from England, but why not celebrate it this year for a different reason?  If you’re single, raise a toast on July 4 for not just America’s independence, but also your own!  After all, when did you last appreciate your status as an independent woman?  If it’s been awhile since you’ve glorified your singleness, here are a few ways to commemorate your self-sufficiency this Independence Day:

1. Hang with friends: Being single doesn’t necessary mean that you have to be lonely.  Celebrate the Fourth of July with friends at the beach, or throw a barbecue together in someone’s backyard.  Being able to spend time with your crew without feeling like you have to drag your other half along will remind you of why singleness is awesome – and will also help you appreciate your friends for always being there.

2. Strengthen your familial bond: Another great way to celebrate this holiday is with the family.  Cherish your moments together while on a picnic at a nearby park or while watching fireworks (whether it’s in person or on TV) with your loved ones.  Knowing that you can count on blood ties when you’re enjoying the single life is always reassuring!

3. Go clubbing: Grab a friend or two and check out the best new bars and clubs in your area.  Keep the group small – this will force you to go out of your comfort zone and talk to other clubgoers and bar hoppers.  It’s nice to expand your social circle with both new guy and girl friends.  Dance the night away with your newfound pals – just be sure to stay safe!

4. Hit the road: If you’re on your own, why not plan a trip to a place you’ve been longing to visit?  Traveling solo will allow you to learn more about yourself and make new connections.  Best of all, no one can stop you from going wherever you please.

If you follow any of these four tips, let us know how your holiday went.  If you know other ways for singles to have a great time on Independence Day, share with our readers in a comment below.