Cupid's Pulse Article: 10 Ways To Be A Beach Bum With Your BeauCupid's Pulse Article: 10 Ways To Be A Beach Bum With Your Beau

By Vicky Sullivan of Aspiring Socialite

During the hot months, the beach is the perfect place to go, either as a couple or while on a group date with mutual friends.  Regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not, this location is the perfect place to enjoy a romance in the summertime – no wonder so many people choose to have beach weddings or visit exotic beach-side resorts on their honeymoon!  If you’re itching to head to the sandy shores, here’s a countdown of the top 10 ways to be a beach bum with your beau this season:

10. Sex on the beach: It’s not just a drink.  But, make sure you don’t get caught.

9. Take a stroll: A long walk on the sand or the boardwalk is an ideal way to bond with your partner in the summer sun.

8. Have a picnic: Eating on the beach together is a sweet way to share a meal, whether it’s during the day or under the stars.  Bring a large blanket to sit on and watch out for those seagulls.  They may be hungry too.

7. Ride horses: Many beach resorts offer seaside horseback riding, which is both a romantic and unique experience to share as a couple.

6. Steal a kiss: The beach is as good a place as any to grab a smooch from your beau.  Plus, it creates an excellent backdrop for a passion-filled day.

5. Apply sunscreen: Helping your partner apply sunscreen is amorous in two ways.  Not only are you watching out for your partner’s well-being, but you’re also giving them a sensuous rub down – and no one can criticize you for getting touchy-feely in the name of good health.

4. Relax in the breeze: Try visiting the shore during a slightly windy day.  The breeze and soothing sound of the waves are bound to cool you off.

3. Create a photo shoot: In the dead of winter, you’ll want to remember the fun times you spent frolicking in the sun.  Take a moment to snap some cute shots of you and your partner, beaming and tan on a sunny day.  Grab some shells to glue to a frame and voila – instant home décor.

2. Take a scenic boat ride: Sail out into the ocean for a peaceful and relaxing ride.  Or, if you want to pick up the pace, rent jet skis instead. Or, rent just one jet ski and share the ride together.  Just remember to play nice and take turns letting your partner drive.

1. Watch the sunset: Stay until the early evening to enjoy one of nature’s most beautiful gifts.  A sunset over the ocean is a view you won’t soon forget, and it’s a picture perfect way to end a day you spent bumming around with the one you love.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done with your partner at the beach?  Let us know below!