Cupid's Pulse Article: Cupid Exclusive: Behind the Scenes Opinions from Jesse CsincsakCupid's Pulse Article: Cupid Exclusive: Behind the Scenes Opinions from Jesse Csincsak

If you watched season 7 of ABC’s The Bachelorette last night and it left you feeling angry at Bentley, confused about William and sad about the show’s intentions, we may have just the fix you need.

Each week, will bring you an inside look behind the cameras as we gather opinions about the show from season 4 Bachelorette winner, professional snowboarder and our very own candid-commentator, Jesse Csincsak.  Jesse will be with us exclusively each week to answer questions about the show. If you have a question for Jesse, you can send it straight to Cupid.  Here are his thoughts from last night’s dramatic episode:

1. Why don’t the producers show Ashley footage of what Bentley said?

If the producers showed Ashley what was going on, that wouldn’t make for good TV!  Television shows are all about money.  The cast is expendable.  It’s sad, but that’s the truth.

2. Jesse, do you think Chris Harrison should have told Ashley the whole truth about Bentley during his pep talk?

Chris Harrison was playing the role of host.  He was mentally escorting Ashley to her new relationship.  Chris gets paid to be the host so he needs to do what he is being paid to do.

3. You said it was enough already with the mask when you spoke on the Bachelorette Beatdown.  Do you think that Jeff revealing his face hurt his chances?  Maybe the expectation was too high and it became a letdown?

Wearing the mask is playing a character.  For instance, Wes Hayden played the musician and he backed it up by throwing his bachelorette a concert.  Jeff wore the mask and kinda talked it up, but when the big reveal came, he seemed to be shooting duds.  So yes, I think the mask got him sent home in the long run.

4. Why would the producers let Bentley go through with the game he played?

Wouldn’t you say, the producers played Ashley just as much as Bentley?

The producers totally played her and it’s sad that TV has come to this.  This girl just wants to fall in love.  If you couldn’t see that after last night’s episode, then you never will.  I feel bad for her that she was put in that situation.

5. Why do you think Bentley used his daughter as an excuse to go home?

Given he was so honest with the cameras, were you at all surprised he didn’t reveal his true colors to Ashley?

Guys like Bentley are HUGE SISSYS in real life.  This guy obviously has never had a good ol’ fashioned ass woopin’ or he wouldn’t be treating women like this!

6. Bentley’s attitude has been horrible.  Last night, he said, “This is fun and games to me,” and his honesty made us question the competitive spirit of the show.  How many bachelors/bachelorette contestants do you think stay just to “win” and how many stay to “win love”?

For this question I will have to go to my panel on the Bachelorette Beatdown from last week.  I think we all agreed that out of every season there are two people on each show that are there for the right reasons.

7. Did Ashley find out about Bentley prior to the show airing or does she see the episode basically at the same time as all of us?

I get to see the show one to two days early so I am sure Ashley does as well.

8. Given what happened in this episode (the drama of the group date, and Bentley’s decision to leave), do you think Ashley will be able to recover and find a husband this season?

I would venture to say all this drama will lead into a way bigger and better relationship.  That’s part of the fun of watching!

You can catch Jesse tonight on at 6 PM PST as he hosts the first ever Bachelor/ette video recap with Ashley Spivey, Marissa May, Natalie Getz, David Good, Wes Hayden, Jesse Kovacs and Eliza Orlins from Survivor.  They will be discussing King Tool (Bentley) and Jeff, aka, The Mask.  Tune in – you don’t want to miss it!