Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 7, Episode 3: Bentley Goes In For the KillCupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 7, Episode 3: Bentley Goes In For the Kill

By Jennifer Harrington

It’s week 3 of ABC’s The Bachelorette and leading up to the episode, we were promised that self-proclaimed front-runner Bentley would become the biggest villain in Bachelorette history and bring heartbreak to Ashley.  In case you missed out on the action, here’s what left our dentist in distress questioning if the she’d ever find her Prince Charming:

The first date of the week was a one-on-one with Ben C., where the duo learned a hip-hop dance and performed with a flash mob in a park later that day!  Ashley seemed happy to “flash” with this Louisiana lawyer and loved his dancing skills.  Though he thought it was the “most ridiculous first date,” he was an amazingly good sport about it.  Their afternoon ended with a special performance by Far East Movement and the pair shared their first kiss.  At dinner, Ben revealed his true romantic colors, stating that he’s “always fantasized about a dream love,” and Ashley couldn’t help but give him a rose!

Next, was the group date.  In the moments leading up to it, was the moment we’ve all been (im)patiently waiting to see…the unmasking of the long-lost brother of Zorro!  Unfortunately for Ashley (and us), Jeff’s reveal fell flat.  He didn’t have that unforgettable face that made you melt (like we all had desperately hoped for).  With Jeff’s face finally revealed to an unimpressed Ashley and his fellow contestants, the worst idea in Bachelorette history for a group date began: a bachelor “roast” a la Comedy Central of the woman whose heart they were trying to win.

Most men (wisely) played it safe, choosing to roast the other guys in the house.  But William, the funniest contestant who had a magical time with Ashley last week in Vegas, gave her the most brutal roast of all.  William said he signed up for the show when he thought the bachelorette would be Emily or Chantal, and even made inappropriate remarks about Ashley’s body.  Imagine her surprise!  His comments pierced the insecure bachelorette who was always concerned that the guys were disappointed she was chosen for season 7.  Later, at a subdued after-party, William apologized to Ashley and then decided to leave – the damage was already done.  A vulnerable Ashley turned to Bentley for comfort and their alone time turned into a discussion about the warnings she’s heard.  Though Bentley had the opportunity to tell Ashley the truth, he denied the rumors and proclaimed he was on the “same page” as her.

After her cozy time with this season’s bad boy, the group date rose went to Ryan.  An outraged Bentley declared not getting the rose justified his decision to “check out” of the journey with Ashley.  While he packed his bags he said, “Ashley is digging what I’m putting out, so I’m going in for the kill now.”  Blaming his decision to go home on his young daughter (though we all know he hoped the Bachelorette was Emily instead of “ugly duckling” Ashley), Bentley said his goodbyes.  Spending her final moments with Bentley crying, it’s obvious how quickly and deeply her feelings had developed.

Though William’s roast and Bentley’s departure were understandably difficult, Ashley still had to navigate her one-on-one date with JP.  They shared a quiet night at home and JP did his best to reassure Ashley that she was amazing.  JP was given a rose, and the couple shared a romantic kiss by the fire, which Ashley declared was better than her kisses with Bentley!

An emotionally drained Ashley decided to forego the cocktail party.  Since Ben C., JP, and Ryan were all safe, the remaining roses went to: Constantine, Mickey, Ben F., Blake, Nick, Ames, Lucas, and (shockingly!) William.  Chris D. and Jeff were sent home.  The closing minutes of the episode included Jeff burning his mask, and a preview of next week’s show in Thailand, where it looks like the guys have turned against Ryan.

Before we give you next week’s preview clip, let us know what you think: Do you think Ashley can recover losing Bentley?  Is Bentley the biggest villain The Bachelorette has ever seen?