Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Memorable Summer Fling MoviesCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Memorable Summer Fling Movies

By Andrew Pryor

It’s true that movies take inspiration from real life, but real life can also take inspiration from a good movie.  So if you’re not looking forward to this summer because you think the passion’s gone away, get inspired by these five movies about summer romance.  These tales of fair-weather flings are sure to raise your temperature and make you want to go looking for your own co-star – or create a love scene with the one you already have:

1. Grease: Starting off senior year with some passion-filled “summer lovin,’” there’s no way this movie wasn’t going to top our list.  John Travolta is greased lightning in a bottle all throughout this rocking tribute to Rydell High, and his duet with Olivia Newton-John is the perfect ode to all that is loved and lost in the summer months.

2. Dirty Dancing: The movie that launched a thousand dance programs, this sizzling dance-floor drama defined Patrick Swayze’s career through his dynamic moves, along with his chemistry with his dance partner (and future Dancing With the Stars contestant and winner), Jennifer Grey.  Watch it and be amazed at how much grace and passion is in one summer movie romance.

3. Body Heat: William Hurt is a womanizing lawyer and Kathleen Turner becomes his vice.  When they meet, sparks fly and things begin to burn – including their chemistry.  A reminder of the all-encompassing – and sometimes dangerous – nature of passion and romance, Body Heat depicts what happens when a torrid affair turns into “all is fair in love and war” during a dry and unforgiving summer.

4. How Stella Got Her Groove Back: For every woman who needed a vacation and found so much more, How Stella Got Her Groove Back centers around Stella’s (Angela Bassett) summer fling with an exotic islander (Taye Diggs).  It’s a reminder to every lady that love can be found in the most unexpected places.

5. The Notebook: This tried-and-true tale of mismatched love between Noah, a lowly country boy with a modest upbringing and Allie, a girl from the upper-crust of society with the world at her feet, is a movie-interpretation of romance king Nicholas Sparks’ bestseller.  This 2004 hit proves that happiness with your soul mate trumps sticking to class ranks any day!