Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Ways To Know If Your Relationship is More Than Just a Spring FlingCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Ways To Know If Your Relationship is More Than Just a Spring Fling

By Amber Belus

It’s mid-May; the flowers are blooming, the weather is warm, and best of all, summer is right around the corner.  But what does that mean for your spring fling?

If you’re currently in the middle of a springtime romance, these tips will help you figure out whether your relationship will continue blossom this summer – or wilt in the heat:

1. You let your guard down: If you feel comfortable confiding in this person about your personal issues, you’ve definitely reached a relationship milestone.  After all, communication is key to any partnership.  Also, ladies: if your guy has seen you sans makeup, you’re beyond the point of feeling as if you need to get dolled up in his presence – another sign you’ve found someone with lasting power.

2. You’ve met the friends: If your other half starts bringing you around his or her crew, it’s a sign they are seeking approval from their inner circle.  Bonus points if there’s hand-holding when you’re with others; this intimate public gesture shows the world you’re both spoken for.

3. Increased date nights: If your guy or gal is requesting more time with you, it shows they’re taking this relationship seriously – and is a sure indication that they think your presence is worthy of their time.

4. You’re enjoying yourself: Are you laughing and flirting when you’re with this person or is it awkward when it’s not physical?  If you’re still having a good time after a few weeks of seeing each other – both in the bedroom and out – shows there’s chemistry.

5. You know more about their job than just their office address: How much do you know about his or her workplace? If he or she has griped about boss troubles or dished out water cooler gossip, your fling knows they can open up about both their professional life, as well as their personal one.

If you find yourself analyzing your situation and asking yourself if you want more, you might be ready to take your relationship past fling status.  Bring up your feelings and see if they’re mutual.  If they aren’t, at least you’ll know you have the whole summer to play the field!