Cupid's Pulse Article: Pippa Middleton and Ex-Boyfriend George Percy Enjoy Madrid TogetherCupid's Pulse Article: Pippa Middleton and Ex-Boyfriend George Percy Enjoy Madrid Together

New media darling Pippa Middleton visited Madrid, Spain with friends over the weekend, reports UsMagazine.comIn attendance was George Percy, Middleton’s ex-beau from her days at Edinburgh University nearly a decade ago. The two have remained close friends since their days at school. Middleton and her friends were seen partying at the popular Fortuna Nightclub and relaxing at Madrid’s Retiro Park. Middleton’s current beau, Alex Loudon, was absent from the trip.

Is it truly possible to be good friends with an ex-partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Remaining friends with a partner post-breakup is easier said than done. Here are a few factors that matter when considering your new “friendship”:

1. The nature of your breakup: If you and your ex-partner suffered a nasty breakup, then friendship is probably not an option. However, if the split was mutual and relatively painless, then the two of you have a good shot at remaining close friends.

2. Time: It may be cliché, but time does heal all wounds. While hanging out with your ex may be painful now, your pain will greatly lessen a few months (or years, if needed) down the line.

3. Mutual friends: It’s difficult to remain in touch with a person when the meetings between you are isolated and awkward.  However, if the pair of you have mutual friends, it is much more likely that you’ll adjust to each other’s presence in a more gradual and comfortable manner.

Are you friends with your ex-partner? Feel free to share your story below.