Cupid's Pulse Article: Jesse James Says That Millions of Married Men CheatCupid's Pulse Article: Jesse James Says That Millions of Married Men Cheat

Famed serial cheater Jesse James recently defended his bad behavior by pointing out that he’s not the only one, reports The Monster Garage star told Men’s Journal, “I never shied away from anything I did. I took full responsibility. I cheated on my wife.  Guess what? So do millions of other men.” The 42-year-old, who divorced Sandra Bullock last year, is currently engaged to Kat Von D.

How do you know if you can trust your partner after past indiscretions?

Cupid’s Advice:

After your mate is unfaithful, it’s hard to trust them completely again. Cupid has some tips on how to know if your partner really has changed for good:

1. Accept the apology: If your partner made one mistake and is truly sorry, think before throwing away your entire relationship.  Give your mate another shot if you feel they are being genuine.

2. Don’t forgive multiple affairs: If your significant other has had multiple indiscretions in the past and doesn’t seem fully committed to your relationship, you probably can’t trust them to stay faithful in the future.

3. Have faith: The bottom line is, you’ll never know for sure if your partner is going to cheat again. But if you decide to give them another chance, give them your complete trust. There’s no point in starting over and giving the relationship a shot if you’re not fully trustful.

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