Cupid's Pulse Article: Exclusive Giveaway: Jesse Csincsak Chats About ‘The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert, ‘Bachelor’ Reunions and Life as a New DadCupid's Pulse Article: Exclusive Giveaway: Jesse Csincsak Chats About ‘The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert, ‘Bachelor’ Reunions and Life as a New Dad

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By Jennifer Harrington

As we anxiously wait for the new season of ABC’s The Bachelorette to begin, several of the former contestants are spending the hiatus having fun mingling and mating up.  One of the most talked about events was in Breckenridge, Colorado last month at the semi-annual Bachelor and Bachelorette reunion.  Hosting the shenanigans as always was former contestant, Jesse Csincsak, who received the final rose in Season 4 from DeAnna Pappas.  Although Jesse and DeAnna’s relationship didn’t result in a lifelong romance, Jesse did find love through The Bachelor and married Season 13 contestant, Ann Lueders.

Cupid's Pulse Article: Exclusive Giveaway: Jesse Csincsak Chats About ‘The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert, ‘Bachelor’ Reunions and Life as a New Dad

We had the chance to speak with Jesse and he shared his thoughts on life as a new husband and dad, The Bachelor reunion parties and of course, this season’s Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert!  Check out what he had to say:

First of all, congratulations on being a new dad!  How has your life changed since being on The Bachelorette?

After coming off The Bachelorette, life took a huge turn.  I wanted to fall in love.  I knew it was possible after I came off the show, so I started hosting reunions with Bachelor alums.  I wanted to bring people together, and in turn, I met my wife.  I met her at a reunion.  Next thing I knew we were getting married and having a little bambino.  My son Noah is the light of my life and I couldn’t ask for more.  The show brought me to everything I wanted in life – it’s amazing!

You coordinate such great reunion weekends for the former contestants. The buzz during last month’s party centered around Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl.  What can you tell us about them as a couple?

They have been dating for a little while.  I think the reason their relationship works is they are both happy-go-lucky, carefree people who want to have fun.  I think they’d both also be a great fit for the Bachelor Pad, I’d love to see them on that show.

We’re getting excited for next week’s premiere of The Bachelorette.  Recently, show creator Mike Fleiss was quoted saying Ashley will be a “different kind of bachelorette” because of her career ambitions.  What do you think?

Ashley is very young-hearted.  She’s still in school.  She will need a guy who is comfortable enough in his own skin to know she is her own person and she’ll be going to class with lots of young, hot guys, but she will come home to him.  If they can find a guy who is confident in his own skin and knows she has a lot going on, she will have herself one heck of a relationship.  She is one of the youngest bachelorettes they’ve ever had, and I think that will make for an interesting season.

Do you think the new contestants will be scared off by Ashley’s independence?

The announcement that Ashley would be the bachelorette came very early, so the guys know who she is.  It’s not tough these days to Google someone to figure out about their past.  What is tough is that a lot of people come on the show with ulterior motives.  You have to be careful of the knuckleheads to find the diamonds in the rough.

What tips would you give the men this season?

You don’t realize the demographic the show reaches – it’s syndicated in Europe, and even when you go overseas, people recognize you from the show.  I didn’t realize that it would affect everyone in my family with my surname. Don’t go on the show because you want people to know who you are; go on the show for the right reasons.  Be yourself.  Don’t let anyone convince you to do something you wouldn’t otherwise do.  That way, when you’re off the show and your life has moved on, people say “you’re just like you were on the show.”  I was lucky – I was me no matter what, and it worked out for the best.

The time period between when the show wraps and when it airs for the public, seems to be the most trying time for the Bachelor/Bachelorette couple.  Given your experience, what advice can you give Ashley and her new guy to keep their relationship alive during these months?

Go into hiding and get to know each other.  Do as many get-togethers as the production company will let you and really take the time to get to know the other person.  Do things out of the ordinary that will test your patience with one another.  In my relationship experience, that’s how you really start to understand how someone is going to be down the road.  Another thing to observe is how the other person talks to their parents.  If they are respectful when they speak to their parents, that’s likely how they will talk to you.

Are you planning for the next Bachelor reunion yet?  When and where will it take place?

There will be a reunion this summer.  I can’t tell you the location yet, but it will be in the warm weather and plans are underway.  And we’re in talks to do an online competition so one lucky fan would be able to join the reunion with the Bachelor alums for a weekend.  I can promise you, this will be the biggest reunion of all-time!

Thanks Jesse, we can’t wait!  And, thanks for taking the time to speak with us.  To read more about Jesse’s take on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette, check out his website at or visit him on Facebook.

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