Cupid's Pulse Article: How Internet Dating Creates A New MindsetCupid's Pulse Article: How Internet Dating Creates A New Mindset

By Dr. Simon Casey

Internet dating has created a different mindset among individuals and has changed the dating game forever.  There are some people who may give the appearance of exclusive dating, but they aren’t giving up their online profiles.  There are two major reasons for this:

1. Doubt: About 40 percent of people fall into this category.  What happens is, after the first couple of dates, one person starts realizing that something is missing in the relationship and/or that the other person doesn’t completely meet his or her expectations.  As casual dating slowly starts turning into more of a relationship, one partner becomes more committed (while believing that the other person is feeling the same way), and the other one choose to be pretentious and somewhat dishonest with his/her feelings.  Keeping an online profile active is a clear indication that someone wants to keep his or her options open.  This is what I call “emotional cheating.”

Any relationship that starts with this kind of dishonesty is doomed to fail.  If you find out your partner is still involved in the online dating community after you’ve committed to each other, walk as far away from that person as possible.  Any person who starts a relationship in this fashion is more than likely to continue their dishonesty even after marriage.

2. Inability to commit to one person: There are many people who love the excitement of internet dating.  Creating relationships without leaving your home can also be called “fantasy dating.”  This built-in excitement is a modified addiction and a large ego booster.  The score and mind games are a priority.  There’s always an agenda and being honest in order to form an intimate and loving relationship is not one of them.  But don’t fret!  There are ways to find out about your date’s motives providing you are willing to ask the right questions.  If you’re somewhat emotionally involved or have some feelings for the other person, it may blind you or hold you back.  Remember, desperate people end up finding other desperate people.  Knowing what you want comes from achieving emotional mastery.  Don’t ever settle for less because, you’re worth more!