Cupid's Pulse Article: 7 Things NOT To Do On Your Wedding NightCupid's Pulse Article: 7 Things NOT To Do On Your Wedding Night

By Brea Gunn

Most women dream not only about their wedding, but also about the wedding night.  That’s right.  We girls have the entire experience planned out from the minute that we wake up on that special day to the moment that we put on that slinky babydoll.  What we often don’t realize is that there are a number of things that are sure to ruin the experience.  Here are some things to avoid:

1. Excessive drinking: I shouldn’t need to explain why this would be a problem, but in case you need a refresher: do you really want to be tired, lethargic and possibly not remember your wedding night?  Didn’t think so.  Have a talk with your groom before the wedding about what you both feel is appropriate so that the celebration doesn’t get out of hand.

2. Hunger: No one feels very romantic when they’re starving.  So EAT!  That’s right.  Eat.  If you can’t breathe in your wedding dress, be sure that your ‘going away’ garb has a little extra expanding room.  If you can’t eat at your reception, ask that a fruit, cheese or combination be brought to your changing room.

3. A full stomach: Yes, the food was to die for, but now you want to die.  This is NOT GOOD.  Be careful of eating too much, especially if you have a particularly decadent spread at your disposal.  Ask mom, dad or your best friend to save you some good eats for the next day (unless you’re leaving for your honeymoon).

4. Thin walls: You may not consider this, but take it from me, you may want to make some noise, and the LAST thing that you want is the old guy in the next room banging on your wall. Do yourself a favor and visit your wedding night room, suite, or B&B well before the big day. That way you know what you’re getting.

5. Older hotels and Bed & Breakfasts: Sure, they’re cool and have lots of charm, but some also have pitfalls.  For example, one historic hotel that I looked at for my own wedding night had communal bathrooms. No thank you.  There was no way I was going to change out of my dress and into lingerie only to walk down the hallway back to my room.  Make sure that you have your own bathroom (You’ll know this ahead of time if you follow the advice about an early visit above). I promise, it’s worth the time.

6. Fighting: Don’t start anything on your wedding night.  Sure, the way that he wouldn’t stop break dancing at the reception may have you hopping mad (and yes, it would have been nice if he had asked you to dance), but try to put it behind you.  After all, you only get to do this night once.  Make sure that your memories are happy ones.  Can’t keep it in?  Try writing it down so that you can address your issues later.

7. Inviting friends to the hotel: Though it’s tempting to continue the party (you just got MARRIED!!!), you and your new spouse need some time alone.  If you invite friends back to your room, or even to your hotel, you run the risk of not being able to retire when you want to and forfeiting night of your dreams.  They’re your friends, so you’ll see them later.  Gracefully tell everyone thank you, and leave the party at the reception site so that you can get started on your honeymoon.

Brea Gunn is a freelance writer and blogger about Hudson Valley Weddings and wedding business marketing, as well as other family related topics. Born and raised in Washington State, she is a southern girl at heart. She thrives on frugality and money-saving solutions, but isn’t afraid to splurge once in awhile.