Cupid's Pulse Article: Marie Osmond Re-Wears Wedding Dress to Re-Marry Stephen CraigCupid's Pulse Article: Marie Osmond Re-Wears Wedding Dress to Re-Marry Stephen Craig

When Marie Osmond remarried her first husband, Stephen Craig, in Las Vegas on Wednesday, guests at the wedding must have experienced a total déjà vu.  The Donny and Marie star walked down the aisle in the same wedding dress she had the first time around!  However, she did update the look a bit with a new veil and a set of chunky pearls.  According to People, the actress didn’t originally plan on wearing her old dress.  After picking out a wedding dress, Osmond began to have second thoughts about it.  It was then that she began cleaning out her garage and came across the gown she had worn at the first wedding.

What are some ideas for the “something old” part of your wedding attire?

Cupid’s Advice:

Tradition has it that a bride should have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on her wedding day.  Cupid has some suggestions as to what your “something old” could be:

1. Grandmother’s jewelry: Since your wedding day is a day unlike any other, your jewelry has to stand out.  See if your grandmother has anything on hand to be your “something old.”  An elegant string of pearls goes great with almost any wedding dress.

2. An old garter: If you can’t locate a garter that was used in a previous family member’s wedding, then go to a vintage store and pick one out.

3. A vintage veil: Though your mother looked ravishing once upon a time in her wedding dress, it’s probably out of style by now, especially if she got married in the 80’s.  That sid, if you’d like to use some aspect of you parents’ wedding in your attire, the veil may be an excellent choice.  Unlike dresses, veils are one size fits all.

What do you plan on using as your something old at your wedding? Share a comment below.