Cupid's Pulse Article: Why Do Women Lose Attraction in Relationships?Cupid's Pulse Article: Why Do Women Lose Attraction in Relationships?

You are about to learn several reasons why women lose attraction in relationships and how to avoid it. You may be surprised at some of the reasons we will be discussing in this article because several of them have to do with taking an introspective look in the mirror. If you’re not willing to do that, then stop reading…

Still with me? Awesome, because the reason why women lose attraction in relationships is quite simple, they see your lack of the following:

  • Decisiveness
  • Confidence
  • Masculinity
  • Purpose

Nowadays with a lot of attack towards masculinity and feminine energies, this is slightly controversial. However, what I want you to understand is that both masculine and feminine energies can be positive. In fact, one can say that this is how you maintain long-term attraction.

So, let’s get go in to further detail on the four most common reasons:

Lack of Decisiveness

Cupid's Pulse Article: Why Do Women Lose Attraction in Relationships?
Women lose attraction because men get too complacent

Hard pill to swallow I know, however, this is actually easier to do once you understand how to take courageous action.

Did you know that decisiveness is one of the qualities of high performance and it shows you’re incredibly sexy? 😉

Now, I’m sure that this will most CERTAINLY ring a few a-ha moments in your mind, because most people nowadays are not decisive at all. In fact, they are so lazy that they order food on their phone.

I’m sure you’ll understand that women often find it extremely unattractive when men have so little passion or motivation that instead of cooking or getting dressed up and going to dinner, they complain about a food order not arriving on time.

Do you think a high value man that has purpose and drive complains about a late food order? Nope. Often, men of high value practice daily gratitude and understand that in order to get what you want in life, you must be in a resourceful, positive state of mind.

Lack of Confidence

Cupid's Pulse Article: Why Do Women Lose Attraction in Relationships?
even famous women lose attraction to their man and get a divorce as a result.

Another hard pill to swallow, so let’s talk about it my friend. If you feel unsure or uncertain about yourself, then I can guarantee if you bring that into a relationship it will not last long.

You can only fake confidence for so long. This is why some high-profile celebrities such as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian go through divorces. Kayne’s mental illness does not allow him to maintain a positive, and resourceful state of mind and his ego hides his insecurities.

When you have a mental illness, you will have high ups and downs because your happiness is solely based on ego and that doesn’t get you far in long-term relationships.

In fact, here’s something you probably didn’t know about confidence. Confidence is easily contrived and can be easily faked by having expensive items. A person should never base their confidence on expensive clothing and jewelry. That’s short-term instant gratification, and it doesn’t last long. In fact, women see right through it because they test your congruence.

For example, you can have an extremely expensive car but if you brag about that, then it just looks like you are trying to make-up for something inside that is lacking. Real men don’t value themselves based on what they wear or what they have.

Lack of Masculinity

Cupid's Pulse Article: Why Do Women Lose Attraction in Relationships?
when there is a lack of polarity of masculine and feminine energies, women lose attraction

Here’s what masculinity is not. It’s not about being in a taker-mentality. It’s about giving, and more importantly, LEADING with value. Most people fear what they don’t understand. So, they have movements that attack masculinity. What this does to good men is it forces them to suppress that powerful drive they have, which by the way, is not healthy to suppress.

Masculinity when going down to its original core is actually very spiritual. You can use masculine energy for positive means. You are protector of the ones you love and you’d gladly fight and die for them. That drive you have is powerful, so use it properly.

More importantly, you lead with your masculine presence. You show women the world and bring them to new experiences they’ve never had. This is what women want, but they will never tell you.

A woman doesn’t want to teach men on how to be a man. She just wants you to lead. Because if she leads the relationship, she is now in the masculine role and most women do not want that. This may be the most common reason couples end up in a bad dynamic. When the woman leads the relationship, she starts resenting her partner because of his lack of masculine presence.

Lack of Purpose

Cupid's Pulse Article: Why Do Women Lose Attraction in Relationships?
without a higher purpose, women lose attraction

If you feel like you don’t have a purpose, then discover it now. * In fact, David Deida, author of the book The Way of the Superior Man is very big on this and for good reason. That is because most men nowadays have placed this idea of chasing ‘Short-term pleasures’ as their purpose.

And it’s no wonder why so many men are living lives in quiet desperation. If you’re depressed, it’s not because you’re feeling down, it’s because you have a lack of direction, you don’t know where your life is going. So instead of chasing women, chase your goals. Write them down.

How you get unstuck is you start out by finding out your definition of success. What is YOUR definition of success? Is it becoming better looking by working out? Or is it by prioritizing mental health and practicing daily meditation?

Either way, you should define success for you. This is how to discover your higher purpose. You have health, wealth, and relationships. Grab a journal and start writing down your goals.

Do you have goals to be more fit and healthy? Great, write that down. Do you have goals to be wealthier? Great, write that down. More importantly, the real question is… do you have goals to have a healthy long-term relationship? Awesome, write that down!

That is how you get un-stuck my friend. Having a lot of money doesn’t buy you a higher purpose in life.

Lack of High Value

Cupid's Pulse Article: Why Do Women Lose Attraction in Relationships?

What value’s do you live by? You can call this your code of life. I’ll give you some examples, Kaizen is a very high value of mine. That’s a Japanese word and it means “Continuous Improvement.”  You have your own values, so it would be wise of you to get clarity on your values.

The more values you have, the more you appear higher value in your mindset. What happens as a result? Women see you as higher value my friend. It is evolutionarily attractive for woman to get attracted to a man of higher value. 

Why is that? Because it shows you value yourself. And you don’t change your values to appease anyone. Because as you should know, your values and your vision drive every daily decision.

These are some ways to avoid your partner losing attraction. The more you get clarity on your vision, and when you get clear on your values, you end up showing her that you have priorities.