Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Fantastic Dating Tips for Cinco de MayoCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Fantastic Dating Tips for Cinco de Mayo

By Andrew Pryor

The Cinco de Mayo holiday was founded on May 5, 1862.  On that day, General Zaragosa led the Mexican army to defeat a French force nearly twice their size.  It was one of the biggest military victories ever for Mexico, allowing the Union to build an unstoppable army.  Today, America and Mexico both celebrate Cinco de Mayo each year to uphold the values of liberty and national pride.

In other words, there’s no reason to feel out of place on Cinco de Mayo, no matter what nationality you are.  Go out with someone you love (or go out looking for someone to love) and celebrate the holiday.  In honor of the fifth of May, here are five ways to get into the espíritu de la celebración:

1. Learn the language: French may be the language of love, but Spanish is the language of seduction.  If you want to spend time teaching yourself or your significant other a new way to say “I love you,” learn a few new phrases from Supreme Spanish.  For a real challenge, try going the whole day speaking Spanish to each other – remember to roll your R’s!

2. Try new things: Cinco de Mayo is all about exercising liberty and freedom, and there’s no better day to stretch your personal boundaries.  Indulge in Spanish cuisine: anything from homemade paella or enchiladas to a night out for tapas will do.  If you’re not normally a romantic person, look up some poems by Federico Garcia Lorca and read them to someone you love.  Watch a film about love, like Y Tu Mama Tambien or Talk To Her. Break out of your routine.

3. Hit the dance floor: If learning the Spanish language is wearing you down, communicate with your bodies through the language of dance.  Again, it’s a great idea to try something new with someone you love.  Learning an exotic dance like the salsa will bring you closer together on more levels than one.

4. The more the merrier: While anything more than two is a crowd, Cinco de Mayo is meant for celebration and you can’t throw a party without a mob.  But if decking your house in red, white and green isn’t on your schedule, check if any of these famous festivals are happening near you.

5. Fiesta today, siesta tomorrow: May 5 only comes once a year, so take full advantage by making as many connections as you can, whether you’re single and connecting with new friends or attached and bonding with the one you love.  Cinco de Mayo is about loving your country – why not spread the love with others as well?