Cupid's Pulse Article: Michael Douglas Goes to Court Over Earnings Dispute with Ex-WifeCupid's Pulse Article: Michael Douglas Goes to Court Over Earnings Dispute with Ex-Wife

It seems like Michael Douglas may never be rid of his ex-wife. The New York Post reported Monday that Diandra Douglas filed a lawsuit in June against the actor, stating she has rights to half of his earnings from Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. When the couple divorced 10 years ago, the decree gave her rights to future earnings from spin-offs, residuals, and merchandising off Micheal’s films made when they were married.  The judge will determine whether or not Diandra is entitled to any money, as the new movie is a sequel, not a spin-off.

What’s the best way to deal with an ex years down the road?

Cupid’s Advice:

Divorce is typically a messy business, and can sometimes be more stressful than the marriage was.  See Cupid’s ways to help you out when dealing with an ex-spouse:

1. Try to see their perspective: After your divorce is finalized you may think you’ll never have to deal your ex again.  Unfortunately, this is almost never the case.  When you are faced with an issue involving that person, put yourself in their shoes before immediately arguing against them.

2. You loved them once: Keep in mind that there was once love shared between you two.  At the very least, establish some ground rules, such as basic respect when you need to communicate.

3. Move on with your life: Even though you are no longer a couple – especially if you have children together – your ex-spouse will need a place in your new life.  Accept this as a fact of life, so you can get past this.