Cupid's Pulse Article: Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green’s Intimate Wedding!Cupid's Pulse Article: Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green’s Intimate Wedding!

That was fast! Cupid found out recently that actors Megan Fox, 24, and Brian Austin Green, 36, re-engaged after a brief break. It turns out that the couple married at the Fours Seasons Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii last week, which Green’s rep confirmed Monday to TMZ. The ceremony was intimate, with less than a dozen guests in attendance. This is the first marriage for both Fox and Green.

How can you keep your wedding small and intimate?

Cupid’s Advice:

With shows like Platinum Wedding and My Fair Wedding all the rage, the pressure is on to have a big and extravagant wedding. However, a smaller and more personal ceremony can be just as – if not more – special. Here are some of Cupid’s tips on keeping your plans to a minimum:

1. Don’t invite everyone and their mom: This may be the hardest thing to do, since you’ll want to share this day with everyone (and loved ones may feel left out if they’re not invited), but this is a surefire way to keep your ceremony under control.

2. Go away: Take a note from Fox and Green and plan a destination wedding that many people won’t be able to attend. Sounds harsh, but it’s a way to have potential guests weed themselves off the list without you having to lift a finger.

3. Set a budget – and stick to it: A budget will keep you from spending too much, whether it’s on food, flowers, or the cake. If you can’t (or don’t want) to pay for extra guests, you don’t need to.