Cupid's Pulse Article: Reese Witherspoon Says Married Life Feels GreatCupid's Pulse Article: Reese Witherspoon Says Married Life Feels Great

Reese Witherspoon hit New York City on Sunday for the premiere of her new movie Water For Elephants.  The star was all smiles at her first red carpet appearance since tying the knot with CAA agent Jim Toth at her ranch in Ojai, California in late March.  When asked how married life is, Witherspoon replied, “It feels great!”  The actress recently got back from her honeymoon in Belize, and life is slowly getting back to normal.  Luckily, Witherspoon is able to balance her marriage and her promotional duties just fine, saying that “Everything’s just great!”  Witherspoon has also added more film premieres in order to get closer to her fans, saying, “This is an opportunity to really connect with the fans.  It’s a nice opportunity for me to connect with the people who actually go and see the movies.”

How does married life feel different than the single life?

Cupid’s Advice:

It may seem to you like you’re already married before you actually tie the knot, but there are a few key differences in the life of someone who’s married and someone who’s single.  Cupid has some thoughts:

1. You’re never lonely: Once your married, you have your best friend and partner in life.  You no longer have to fear being single or alone forever.

2. You have someone to share everything with: When you’re married, you have someone to confide in about your secrets, insecurities or even life’s excitements.  You no longer have to keep a wall up because someone is there to listen to and care about you.

3. You have someone to always have fun with: An important part of any marriage is to keep the spark alive, and the best way to do that is to simply have fun.  When you’re married you have someone to go to a concert with or with whom to plan the future.

What do you think changes in life when you get married?  Comment below.