Cupid's Pulse Article: David Arquette Says He Had to Act Childishly After SeparationCupid's Pulse Article: David Arquette Says He Had to Act Childishly After Separation

David Arquette’s chaotic months are behind him.  Arquette thoroughly explained his new outlook on life to People at Hollywood Bites Back on Saturday.  ” I went through a really hard time, and my way of dealing with it was just to blow it all up,” said Arquette.  “I did act childish[ly], but at the same time I had to — I was really hurt.  It was hard for me to deal with this, but what I had to do ultimately was step back and take a look at myself.”  The Scream 4 actor went on to say, “I’m really getting in touch with my feelings, and trying to process them in a more appropriate way.”

What are some ways to cope with a separation?

Cupid’s Advice:

After a tough breakup, it’s all too easy to fall into depression.  Here are a few ways to cope:

1. Visit friends and family: Family and friends are the best support system.  A few afternoons with the people who care about you most can do wonders for your attitude.

2. Resolve issues: Especially after an emotionally rough split, it’s difficult to let the relationship go.  If possible, contact your ex and make amends.  While your relationship may not be saved, your partner’s friendship can be secured.

3. Keep moving forward: Accept the past and move forward with your life by trying new things.  Pick up a few new hobbies or pursue an old goal.  The refreshing new beginning will help you heal.

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