Cupid's Pulse Article: David Hasselhoff Shows Off New Girlfriend At CoachellaCupid's Pulse Article: David Hasselhoff Shows Off New Girlfriend At Coachella

Britain’s Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff isn’t giving up on love, despite his two divorces.  The former Baywatch actor has found new “like” with cosmetics saleswoman and part-time model, Hayley Roberts.  According to, Roberts was sitting in the audience at one of Hasselhoff’s Britain’s Got Talent auditions when the actor was immediately drawn to her.  The pair have apparently been inseparable ever since, and Haselhoff even treated his new beauty to a trip to Coachella Music Festival on Friday.  Is this pair in for a future together?  “I’m big on romance,” says Hasselhoff.  “In the future, maybe I will marry again.”

How will your life change after marriage?

Cupid’s Advice:

Different people look at marriage various ways.  Some people take it lightly and jump into it quickly, while others are more reserved and take things slow.  Either way, your life changes when you tie the knot.  Cupid’s got some of these ways:

1. Financially: When you get married, your money becomes “our” money.  You’ll have to work together to come up with a budget that covers both of your expenses, and you’ll be held accountable for your spending by another person.

2. Commitment: Once you get married, you’re done playing the field.  There are no more fish in the sea.  If your marriage is healthy, this won’t be a problem.  That said, make sure you trust your partner completely.

3. Decisions: Things you used to decide for yourself now become a mutual decision with your spouse.  It’s more important that you run things by each other, as a marriage is a union.

How did marriage change your life?  Leave a comment below.