Cupid's Pulse Article: Mark Ballas and ‘Idol’ Contestant Pia Toscano: Dating?Cupid's Pulse Article: Mark Ballas and ‘Idol’ Contestant Pia Toscano: Dating?

Looks like love may be in the air for Dancing With the Stars pro Mark Ballas and American Idol contestant Pia Toscano.  The two were spotted at the Gulfstream restaurant in Century City, according to TMZ, and were reportedly on their first date.  Despite being kicked off of American Idol last week, Toscano has been able to pick herself up in search for love.  Supposedly the crooner has had a crush on Ballas for quite some time, and their trailers were next to each other on the same studio lot.  DWTS pro Chris Jericho, who is credited with helping to facilitate the hook up, said that the two had a “great” first date and plan to go out again soon.

Is it important to have the same talents as your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Both Pia Toscano and Mark Ballas are very talented with music, but it’s not necessarily a requirement to have the same talents as your partner. Cupid has some things to consider:

1. Common values: As long as you live by the same morals and values in life, it’s not necessarily to have exactly the same interests and talents as your partner. The key is to support each other.

2. Bond: The benefit of having common interests, hobbies and/or talents is that you can spend quality time doing things you both enjoy. It can lead to a better understand of each other.

3. Independence: Having different interests and career goals helps you each evolve as independent people. Although it would be great for Toscano and Ballas to sing duets together, it would be an issue if they didn’t have anything else in common. One common talent doesn’t a relationship make.

Do you and your partner have common talents?  Share your story below.