Cupid's Pulse Article: Cameron Diaz Cheers On A-Rod at Yankees vs. Red Sox GameCupid's Pulse Article: Cameron Diaz Cheers On A-Rod at Yankees vs. Red Sox Game

There’s nothing more heartwarming that couples being there for each other.  Cameron Diaz showed her support for boyfriend Alex Rodriguez when she cheered him on at the Yankees-Red Sox game last weekend. RadarOnline reports that Diaz joined other players’ wives and girlfriends in a luxury box at Boston’s Fenway Park.  The 38-year-old actress must have been good luck, too, as A-Rod helped the Yankees earn a 9-4 victory against their biggest rival with a run in the second inning and two singles.  Rodriguez, 35, and Diaz have been dating since July 2010.

What are the best ways to support your partner’s career?

Cupid’s Advice:

Your significant other always needs your support, including for their career choices. Cupid has some ideas on how to show you care about your mate’s job:

1. Show up: If there’s a work event and your partner wants you to come, clear your schedule and go to show your support for his or her career endeavors.

2. Advise: If your mate has to make an important career choice, let him or her know you’re there to offer any advice or to help him or her cope.

3. Learn about work: We all know what our significant other does for a living, but sometimes we don’t know the details about their workplace because we don’t ask. Listen to your partner talk about his or her day, and ask questions to show you care.

How have you shown your support for your mate’s career? Share your experience in a comment below.