Cupid's Pulse Article: Money, Honey: 5 Fun Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund with Your SweetheartCupid's Pulse Article: Money, Honey: 5 Fun Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund with Your Sweetheart

By Breanna Olaveson

Spring is a magical time. The cold grayness of winter fades away into the freshness of spring, bringing clearer skies, brighter colors and warmer temperatures. And as if it could get any better, there’s one more yearly miracle headed your way – the much-anticipated tax return.

This extra income comes as a pleasant bonus this time of year.  There are a lot of ways you could spend the money, but what could be better than using it to make memories with your love?  Here are a few fun, romantic ways to spend your tax refund as a couple:

1. Splurge on better seats: Use the extra money to get better seats to whatever entertainment you both enjoy most. Go see a play, a professional sporting event, or a concert, and give yourselves royal treatment: third-row seats, some snacks and a cab to take you home. It will feel good to not worry so much about money for one night.

2. Play tourist: Pretend you’re visiting your town and go to all the local tourist attractions. Buy souvenirs at local museums, historical sites, famous landmarks and local restaurants – and don’t forget to take lots of pictures! This is a fun way to spend some extra cash while getting to know more about your city.

3. Take a road trip: With gas prices so high, this simple pleasure is becoming more of a luxury. Fill up the tank and hit the road.  Bring plenty of snacks and make sure you have your favorite music. This is especially fun if you start driving without a destination in mind – just go wherever the wind blows you!

4. Visit an amusement park: April is a great time to visit local amusement parks because they’re less crowded than during warmer months. Bring a sweater and enjoy having the place all to yourselves!

5. Take a class together: Learning new skills can be expensive, but that’s what tax returns are for! Enroll in a pottery, ballroom dance, golf, or ski class. This is a fun way to spend your day together, and you can practice your newfound skills for future dates.

Breanna Olaveson is a professional writer and editor and has been featured in various magazines, including Utah Valley BusinessQ, Utah Valley Magazine, Liahona, Ensign and MainStreet.  She has a B.S. in communications and continues to write about business, entrepreneurship, marketing, success, lifestyle and more.  Breanna is currently working with Professional Marketing International helping entrepreneurs reach their goals.