Cupid's Pulse Article: What The Jeans You Wear Say About YouCupid's Pulse Article: What The Jeans You Wear Say About You

As one of the most durable, versatile, and highly sought-after materials around, denim is a fabric that sits in most peoples’ wardrobes. Today, jeans are regarded as a highly fashionable item, making it hard to believe that they became part of the world fashion scene in the mid 1870’s.

Originating in Italy, jeans were first made popular by the likes of Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss who emigrated from Germany to the US, bringing with them a soon to be iconic statement of fashion that would change the way people dressed for centuries to come.

Today, there are many different types of jeans on the market, ranging from the most casual to jeans worthy of dinner dates and sophisticated nights out. The jeans you wear can actually say a lot about the type of person you are or the interests that you hold.

Below, we’ll take a look at what the different types of jeans say about the wearer.

 The Trouser Jeans

The trouser jean is a versatile look that can be worn casually or as part of a smarter look. No matter what the occasion, trouser jeans offer an air of sophistication and glide over curves, complementing most figures.

This style lends itself to a variety of looks, making it difficult to read what the wearer is about. However, their versatility means the wearer could be into a comfier fit of jeans while still enjoying the finer things in life.

Skinny Jeans

As one of the most popular styles of jeans, skinny jeans started out as a trend for women but soon became incredibly popular with men too. As an incredibly versatile style of jeans, skinny jeans can be worn for many occasions in which they can be dressed down with a hoodie and trainers or dressed up for a smarter occasion like a date or a night out with heels and a top or dress shoes and a shirt.

There is a common perception that people must be of a small figure to be able to wear skinny jeans, yet this isn’t true as there are different skinny jeans cuts and styles to suit many different body sizes.

5-Pocket Boot Cut

Not into throw away fashion trends? The five pocket boot cut gives off an air of sophistication and lets people know that you have a timeless style that can be reworn season after season and still be on trend.

These quality jeans last years and won’t go out of style after a season or two. Simply choose a quality pair and you’ll be wearing them for years to come.

High Rise Jeans

For the person who wears high rise jeans, this indicates that you are a problem solver. Whether you’re conquering morning bloat after last night’s big meal or trying to work out how to fit four social gatherings into one night, you tackle your problems head on.

It also indicates that your hot on the heels of the latest trends and know how to put an outfit together when you spot something that works.

Flared Jeans

Still wearing flared jeans? We predict you’re the type that doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Not that flared jeans don’t look great, but since their hay days in the 90’s and 2000’s, flared jeans aren’t around all that much anymore.

While flares are coming back into trend in recent seasons, these jeans indicate that you like to wear what you want and are your own trend setter, despite what anyone else is wearing.

Overall, the type of jeans you wear can give away a lot about who you are as a person. While we don’t recommend looking for your soulmate based on the type of jeans they’re wearing, a person’s style can say a lot about other factors in their life.