Cupid's Pulse Article: Kevin Federline and Girlfriend Are Expecting A GirlCupid's Pulse Article: Kevin Federline and Girlfriend Are Expecting A Girl

Kevin Federline and girlfriend Victoria Prince just announced that they are expecting a baby girl, according to Prince, 28, and Federline, 33, are excited and have already decided that they are going to name their daughter Jordan. According to Federline, Prince has always said that if they had a girl she wanted to name her Jordan, and then both Federline and Prince decided that even if they had a boy they would stick with the name Jordan because it fits both ways.  A source close to Britney Spears, Kevin Federline’s ex-wife and mother of two of his four children, said that she is “Happy for him and knows he is a good dad.” Preston, 5 and Jayden, 4 are said to be “super excited” about the big announcement. As for Federline and Prince, they can’t wait!

What should you do if you can’t agree on a baby name?

Cupid’s Advice:

The problem with choosing a baby name is that there’s no telling why some people like a name and others don’t. It’s all about opinion and feeling, which can make things difficult. Cupid’s got some things to consider:

1. Check out some books: Baby name books offer great suggestions for possible names and with thousands to choose from you and your significant other are bound to agree on one of them.

2. Ask your friends and family: If you and your significant other can’t seem to agree on a baby name maybe it’s time to turn to the ones you love and hear what they have to say. The more people you ask, the more options you will have and it will make making a decision that much easier.

3. Have a focus group: Ok, so maybe this isn’t the most reasonable option, but on the trailer for the new series “Pregnant in Heels”, Rosie Pope (a maternity concierge) set up a focus group for one of her client’s in order to choose a baby name. For a more realistic version of this, why not put a poll on Twitter or Facebook and see what feedback you get.