Cupid's Pulse Article: Tips for American Women from their French Counterparts Cupid's Pulse Article: Tips for American Women from their French Counterparts 

“L’Amour , c’est l’effort que l’homme fait pour se contenter d’une seule femme.” Paul Géraldy (Love is the effort that a man makes to be satisfied with one woman). The French have a different perspective on romantic relationships and love. American women often settle for too little, struggle too much, and tolerate unsatisfying sex too often. If you are having trouble finding a long-lasting relationship, it’s time to travel to the most romantic country in the world and discover how to find the love you want.

After several conversations with my French women friends, I have compiled 15 tips for American women about relationships:

1. A relationship should never be a game of power; it should be a partnership, regardless of salary or background.

2. Jealousy is not a sign of love, but of insecurity.

3. Keep your vulnerability in check and make a man earn your attention. Value yourself first, then let the man value you.

4. Don’t waste your time being a “helicopter” partner, constantly worrying about and checking on your man – you have more important things to do.

5. Never show your man that you love him more than he loves you.  He’ll take advantage of you and he will think he can get away with anything.

6. Preserve your unique, personal “brand” and don’t let go of your individuality. Recognize that one couple can have two identities and say no to blind submission if your man asks you to assimilate into his life.

7. Always keep a mysterious side of yourself. Resist the urge to overshare to a lover.

8. There is no need to refer to your previous lovers—the past is the past. Knowing about your past partners triggers a man’s insecurities.

9. Do not stay in a relationship that does not bring positivity to your life.

10. A man should not blame his affair on the “other woman.” Whether or notshe knew he was already in a relationship, he knew.

11. Your needs are as important as your man’s. Don’t be afraid to speak up and assert your needs.

12. When a man calls his Ex’s “crazy,” that’s a big red flag. You will be the next one being called that.

13. A couple that lasts is not a couple without problems but a couple who knows how to solve them.

14. Before considering a relationship, scratch a man’s shell to see what is inside first.

15. The perfect man does not smoke, drink, cheat and above all does not exist.

Bio: Guy Blaise is an author and Frenchman currently living and working in America. He lived in Eastern France and Paris, where he witnessed the dating experiences of the strong women in his family and listened closely to the advice his grandmother routinely gave them about love. After two decades of living in America and struck by the differences between two cultures’ approaches to romance and sex, Guy starting writing books offering his insights, Guy Blaise, is the Author of “Love Like The French.” For more information you can link to or you can find him on Instagram  @the_french_perspective