Cupid's Pulse Article: Tips On How To Have A Successful Age Gap RelationshipCupid's Pulse Article: Tips On How To Have A Successful Age Gap Relationship

According to the U.S. Census, 8.5% of married couples in the United States are in an age gap relationship. Age gap relationships are generally considered one where there is at least a 10 year age difference between partners. This type of relationship is certainly common and celebrities are no exception. Take for example, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds They have an 11-year age gap, while George and Amal Clooney have a 17-year gap. But what does it take to build a successful relationship when there are years between you and your partner? Following are some tips to help.

Respect each other’s differences 

When your partner is considerably younger or older than you, you’ll likely be at different points of your lives. Your careers, for example, will be at various stages. If you’re in your early to mid 20’s, you’ll probably just be starting your career, while your partner will most likely have a very established and successful career. They may work long hours and bring home considerably more money than you, but it’s important to respect that work is an important part of your other half’s life. Research has found that the average person switches careers at 39 years of age. This means your partner may suddenly not be the main breadwinner in your household as they work their way back up the career ladder again. Support, understanding, and respect are crucial during this time.

Make time for each other 

The average couple spends around four hours together daily. Much of this time is spent doing household chores, looking after children, and eating, or watching TV. When faced with such little time together, communication is crucial for couples who want their relationship to last. You need to consistently talk about how you are feeling and what you want from the relationship, therefore, making time to sit down alone together is important. You need to make sure you listen to your partner’s thoughts too. Perhaps they are concerned about what others think of your relationship and the obvious age gap between the two of you. Let them express their feelings and get things off of their chest. Spending quality time together is also essential. Date nights, fun days out together, and romantic meals are a great way to really get to know each other and keep your relationship strong.

Discuss your expectations 

An age gap relationship will only work if you’re completely honest with each other. Talk about whether you both want children and when. A conversation around marriage and other future plans should also take place. The average age a man becomes a father in the U.S. is 31, while women typically become mothers at 26. If you’re in a relationship with someone younger than this, they may want to wait a while before becoming a parent. This is fine, but you each need to know what the other wants and come to a compromise that works for the both of you if you want it to work out.

Age gap relationships are becoming more and more common, especially among celebrities. It’s certainly possible to make such a relationship work, but you must work hard and make time to develop a relationship that will last.