Cupid's Pulse Article: 6 Signs You Aren’t Compatible With Your PartnerCupid's Pulse Article: 6 Signs You Aren’t Compatible With Your Partner

Being in a relationship with your partner is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. However, as to how a natural relationship goes, not everything might go both of your ways, and tension could arise, causing heat and disagreements. One way or another, you might find yourself in a constant argument with your partner, and you might think if being with each other is still the right decision.

While you’re in a relationship, you can’t expect everything to match. It might cause you to contemplate if it’s something you’re willing to accept and adjust or have to move on and find someone new. While your divine masculine energy might complement each other, it might not be enough to survive a relationship.

Moreover, listed below are the signs that you and your partner aren’t compatible:

1.  You Have Different Visions Of The Future

Imagining what will happen to your future is one thing you do on your own. As time goes by, you create a plan with how things will go in the future. However, if you and your partner have an opposite view of what your future might look like, it might be a sign that you’re not compatible with each other.

Even if you picture both of you together in the future, if the things around with it don’t match up, it might just cause arguments and tension, allowing you to eventually part ways or be in an unhealthy relationship. For example, one plans to have plenty of kids, and you don’t want to raise any. This could greatly affect how your relationship will go, as you can’t compromise on balancing the decision.

Ideally, your partner has the same vision of the future as you to avoid conflicts and arguments. While they may be healthy once in a while, if it can affect how your future would look like, you’ll only end up blaming each other for what could’ve happened.

2.  You Handle Arguments Differently

Different people have various ways of handling arguments. However, if you and your partner contradict the way of handling problems and opinions, it could make the flame bigger, not allowing you to make peace with each other immediately. It could be one wants to fix the problem immediately while one wants to cool off for a few days to release any anger, or it could be one refuses to listen and only minds their own opinion.

How you resolve your problems as a couple will help to determine your compatibility. Getting in an argument with them is normal and even beneficial for a relationship as you get to see their point of view and understand their side better. However, if you just choose to put the problems under the rug, it might cause fire when you’re faced again in the situation, causing an intense argument.

3.  You Don’t Have The Same Sense Of Humor

While having a sense of humor might be considered as just a bonus with your partner, it can greatly affect how your relationship will work out. Every once in a while, you and your partner will deliver jokes to each other, allowing you to have a great time. However, if you’re not on the same page with their humor, it could be a huge sign of incompatibility.

Being compatible with your partner is understanding one another, even through small jokes. If your partner couldn’t even bust a move with you since you don’t find it funny at all, they might not be happy inside a relationship and would appreciate hanging out with other friends instead. While you can’t force this to happen, you should be aware if you don’t share the same sense of humor and consider that.

4.  You Can’t Be Yourself

Your partner’s vision of you is significant. Of course, you’d like them to see you as one of the most amazing people in the world. In this way, they might value you more than how you should be. However, if you’re giving your partner a different version of you just to see your worth and make them happy, it could be a sign that you’re not compatible with each other.

No matter how much you want to be with the person you’re with, if you can’t be yourself around them, it might be a sign that you’re not for each other. A healthy relationship is where you can be who you are without worrying about how your partner will react to what you do because they accept you and love you for it. If you can’t be like that around your partner, you might want to rethink where the relationship is heading.

5.  Your Partner Rarely Takes Your Side

There’ll come a situation wherein your partner will choose sides about the position you’re in. It could be an argument with your friend, boss, or anything that you’re contradicting with. However, if your partner is constantly on the side of your enemy, it may be a sign that you’ll not work out much longer.

Your partner should be on your side no matter what the problem is. Even if you’re wrong, they should show the people that they’re with you and just educate you about the situation privately. No matter how intense a moment is, they should always let people know that they got your back and no one else. If you’re the wrong one in the event, they should just let you know their thoughts when no one is looking around, allowing you to make better decisions.

6. You Have Different Ways Of Handling Money

While handling money is a minor issue, especially in the earlier parts of a relationship, it can be a significant factor when it comes to your compatibility. Ideally, you and your partner have the same way of handling your expenses as being under one roof will need cooperation, especially with money. While you might think that it’s something you can work out on, it might not be the same situation, especially when facing financial challenges already.

Money is a big factor when it comes to marriage and long relationships. With the proper handling, it can allow you to live comfortably and allow yourself to prepare for emergencies. Moreover, you might develop a sense of responsibility as the relationship goes on. But if it’s already been years and your partner still hasn’t set a proper way of handling money, it could be a sign of massive arguments in the future.


Finding out that you’re not compatible with your partner is one of the most hurtful things that could happen to you, especially if you’ve been together for years. While it might be challenging to end the relationship, think of it as a healthier choice individually. In this way, you can grow better and open your doors with someone who’ll be your side day by day.

Moreover, if there are only minor bumps in your relationship, always try to fix things to make the relationship work. Remember that you can’t force a person to change and allow them to do it on their own.