Cupid's Pulse Article: Ideal Engagement-Moon Destinations in North AmericaCupid's Pulse Article: Ideal Engagement-Moon Destinations in North America

Everyone already knows about a honeymoon, but did you already know about an engagement-moon?

Indeed, while everyone will generally be able to look forward to going on their honeymoon once they tie the knot and get married, there will be some couples that might look to go on an engagement-moon instead. This is essentially the same as a honeymoon, but just simply after committing themselves to being with their other half for the rest of their lives.

Of course, there are a number of decisions that need to be made and taken into account when going on an engagement-moon, with the destination being one of the most important of them all as this can be what makes the holiday either a positive one or one that would rather be forgotten about!

Here are just some of the best destinations that are available in North America:

Las Vegas

Las Vegas has to be considered as one of the number one destinations for anyone considering to go on an engagement-moon, even if they have been to the bright lights that the city has to offer before.

Indeed, the city of Las Vegas offers so much to everyone that visits, it could be argued it would be incredibly difficult for anyone to be able to achieve and experience everything the city has to offer them in an individual’s lifetime.

The Nevada state has a number of real money casinos available for those that wish to go on an engagement-moon that enjoy the gambling side of life, as they may have taken a huge gamble getting hitched! The city has some of the world’s biggest and most famous casino resorts available, which make great locations. Furthermore, there are a number of different events and shows that can be experienced, whilst simply walking up and down the Las Vegas strip is an unforgettable experience in itself.


Those that are looking to get away and enjoy a piece of paradise can look to head away to Hawaii and enjoy the idyllic beaches and waters that the islands have all over the place.

Honolulu might be the most popular destination of the state, however there are numerous different cities and neighborhoods that can be visited and enjoyed.

Those who do go to Honolulu should look to check out Waikiki Beach, as this is arguably one of the best beaches that the island has to offer, whilst those who wish to do a bit of snorkeling could look to go to Hanauma Bay and enjoy the crystal blue water and tropic fish that can be found here.


Nashville in Tennessee is known around the world as Music City, thus making it a highly appealing destination in North America for those who are looking to go on an engagement-moon holiday.

Of course, music lovers will love what Nashville has to offer, whilst it can also be considered the perfect destination for those who need to brush up on their dance moves before taking their first dance at their wedding.

There is plenty to do in the state of Tennessee and Nashville in particular, although a trip to Memphis and Graceland could also be visited as it is a short drive west of the city. Indeed, Memphis could appeal to those who loved Elvis Presley.

New York

Although a rather expensive option, New York could be the perfect engagement-moon getaway for newly-engaged couples as the city provides them with the opportunity to go shopping and spend big as a ‘new couple’.

It is not just the range of shops that New York City can boast, though, as there are a number of landmarks and attractions that can be visited, including Times Square and the World Trade Center memorial, whilst there are also opportunities to enjoy some of the finer things in life such as eating at top restaurants and enjoying some of the most relaxing experiences possible via the use of the luxury spa resorts that can be found in the Big Apple.


The state of Florida could be a perfect destination for an engagement-moon as the state provides plenty of sunshine in the warmer months, thus allowing visitors to be able to visit some of the world’s best beaches, including Clearwater Beach in Clearwater, or allow them to head to some of the biggest theme and amusement parks that the world has to offer.

Miami can provide some of the best nightlife possible in the United States, with a number of clubs and beach resorts all available to go to, as well.