Cupid's Pulse Article: 7 Romantic Tips to Impress Your Date with DinnerCupid's Pulse Article: 7 Romantic Tips to Impress Your Date with Dinner

A romantic dinner at home can be one of the best dates you can have. The best part of hosting the evening yourself is you can choose exactly how you want it to go. A dinner date at home is perfect if you live with your partner and want to surprise them. It’s also a superb way to impress a new date. Although how you plan your dinner date is up to you, some fail-proof tips can make it an evening to remember.

Create an Atmosphere

The atmosphere is critical. You don’t have to light hundreds of candles around the room to create a great ambiance. If you want to do this, go ahead, but there are many more effective ways. Fairy lights are one of the best ways to create an ambiance in a room. They’re versatile; you can hang them, wrap them around things or fill vases with them. The opportunities are endless. Get creative, but always make sure it’s bright enough to see what you’re eating!

Serve Great Food

Food is the most important part of a dinner date, but you don’t have to be a fantastic cook to serve great food. There are many recipes for beginners online. A salmon dish can be an excellent choice for the main course if you want to impress. The internal temp of salmon is key to cooking it perfectly and ensuring optimum flakiness and tenderness. Getting this right can be the difference between serving “good” food and “great” food.

Devote Your Time and Prepare

The most important part of a date is to devote your time to your date. If you spend the evening in the kitchen, you’ll waste valuable date time. Do as much preparation as you can for your date to minimize time spent in the kitchen. You can make many dishes ahead of time or do most of the prep beforehand.

You should also prepare the room before they arrive. Be sure to create the atmosphere and lay the table to set your intentions.

Remove Distractions

As well as preparing as much as you can before your date, removing distractions is also very important. Switch off any distractions such as phones, TVs, or any electronic devices that may take your attention away from your date. To ensure you aren’t on the receiving end of a distracted date, why not tell your date there is a “no phone rule” beforehand?

Create the Perfect Playlist

Music makes every situation better. The right music can set the mood for your date and make you both relax. The perfect dinner date music is usually something subtle, such as classical, chill out, or acoustic. Music can also be great to fill any awkward silences that may occur throughout the evening. Make sure that you keep the volume low enough not to drown out the conversation.

Dress To Impress

You’ll want to look your best on your date. There’s no use creating the perfect environment and neglecting your appearance. You don’t need to be a fashion icon to dress to impress. Just avoid loungewear and anything too casual. Smart-casual is ideal for a date. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out our fashion blog.