Cupid's Pulse Article: Kardashians & the NBA: 10 Flings to RememberCupid's Pulse Article: Kardashians & the NBA: 10 Flings to Remember

There’s no shortage of publicity following the Kardashians—and Kris Jenner is happy to keep it that way. But few trends have become as notorious as the rumored ‘Kardashian Kurse’, which is alleged to follow athletes who date one of the siblings and subsequently post the worst numbers of their careers.

With over a dozen NBA stars alone on the list of paramours for the Kardashians, no sporting sector is as at-risk of a pop culture curse as basketball. Even so, not every relationship has led to disastrous results for athletes who mingle with the dynastic family.

With players like James Harden and Blake Griffin both having spent ample time with Khloe and Kendall respectively, it’s clear there’s an emphasis on success. Both players are now on the Brooklyn Nets’ roster, where they’re joined by Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

Though Griffin had a few slow years in Detroit and Harden failed to bring Houston an NBA championship title, the future is bright at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. And with sports betting expanding to more and more US states, fans can take advantage of Illinois free bets and similar bonus offers when they’re looking to back teams like the Nets.

Though there’s no word if the Kardashians are willing to wager on their exes’ performances, we certainly hope Khloe isn’t betting too much on husband Tristan Thompson.

Here are the ten most impressive NBA boyfriends who dated a Kardashian, ranked from best performance on the court to worst. Spoiler alert: Khloe’s got the eye for talent.

James Harden
Khloe, 2018

Though names ranked below Harden on this list have at least one NBA Championship ring, no other athletes have earned the accolades that the former King of Houston posted. During the height of his fame in Houston, Harden and Khloe Kardashian got cozy for nearly a year.

Though Harden’s success on the court (with MVP and All-Star accolades) is proof that the Kardashian Kurse is mere speculation, he did open up about the difficulties that come with dating a global superstar.

Lamar Odom
Khloe, 2009-2016

As one of the most infamous relationships of any Kardashian to date, Khloe’s marriage with Odom remains a topic of speculation from the media. With an Olympic gold medal and two NBA Championships to his name, Odom was a force on and off the court.

Unfortunately for both Odom and Khloe, their seven-year relationship ended in a maelstrom of drama. However, the pair remain on amicable terms—and, yet again, Odom’s downfall had little to do with Khloe.

Blake Griffin
Kendall, 2017-2018

Though Griffin has yet to take home a Championship title, he’s got multiple All-Star awards, All-NBA honors, and a Rookie of the Year accolade to keep him motivated in Brooklyn. His peek stardom coincided with his fling with Kendall in 2017. Oddly enough, for one of their first dates, Kendall and Griffin went on a double date with her former NBA paramour, Chandler Parsons, and his girlfriend at the time.

Tristan Thompson
Khloe, 2016-present

Few men could make Lamar Odom’s public meltdown in 2015 look worse, but Tristan Thompson was up for the challenge. Since beginning their relationship in 2016, Thompson and Khloe have undergone multiple public trials as a couple.

Though he’s got one NBA Championship title under his belt, Thompson likely has LeBron to thank for that, as his stats are less than impressive for a man with a finals ring.

Rick Fox
Khloe, 2015

Given Fox’s long and storied history in the NBA, which ended all the way back in 2004, news that he and Khloe were dating immediately made headlines after her split from Odom in 2015. With three NBA titles under his belt from his time with Kobe and Shaq with the Lakers, Fox may be one of the most impressive players on this list. Even so, it wasn’t enough to keep him and Khloe together.

Devin Booker
Kendall, 2020-present

One of the youngest players on this list, Booker is an All-Rookie and All-Star team recipient. However, he’s also known for his recent involvement with Kendall Jenner. The pair have made headlines in the past year as they jet-set around the world. According to Entertainment Tonight in early March 2021, the pair are closer than ever.

Ben Simmons
Kendall, 2018-2019

Though he’s been the undisputed starting guard for the 76ers since he joined the team in 2016, some believe Simmons’ lackluster performance on the court since 2019 is proof the Kardashians may muddle athletic careers. However, Simmons has since kicked these rumors, after a 2019 and 2020 place on the NBA All-Star team, as well as turning around the 76ers franchise.

Chandler Parsons
Kendall, 2014-2017

Before Kendall took Parsons on her first date with Blake Griffin or even met an athlete named Devin Booker, she spent years cozying up to Chandler Parsons. Though he’s spent the most time with Kendall than any other athlete on this list, his NBA record is by far the least impressive—though he’s never cited the Kardashian Kurse when interviewed about his time with Kendall.

Kris Humphries
Kim, 2011

For reference to how successful Humphries’ career in the NBA was, he’s largely remembered for his 72-day marriage to Kim Kardashian. Since joining the NBA, Humphries had circulated around trying to find a place as a power forward—but to little success. After spending fourteen seasons in the NBA, he retired in 2017 with no accolades to show for it. During that time, he featured on more than eight rosters.

Rashad McCants
Khloe, 2008-2009

If James Harden is proof that the Kardashian Kurse doesn’t exist, and Chandler Parsons is proof that not every athlete gives the Kurse credence, then Rashad McCants is the naysayer looking to set the record straight.

Currently a free agent, McCants’ prospects continuing his basketball career aren’t great. Unable to top his prestigious collegiate career with the Sacramento Kings following a year-long stint with Khloe in 2008-09, McCants publicly blamed their relationship. Considering the Kardashians didn’t ascend to global super-stardom until 2010 (for reference, Kim appeared on Dancing with the Stars in 2008), McCants’ claims fall flat upon further inspection.