Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: 4 Wedding Morning Gifts for the GroomCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: 4 Wedding Morning Gifts for the Groom

On the morning of their wedding, the bride and groom are typically expected to exchange gifts. Yet while this is tradition, there are no rules when it comes to the type of gift or how much you should spend.

The gift exchange usually takes place before the ceremony, with many couples choosing to ask their best man or maid of honor to deliver the gifts while everyone is getting ready. This window of opportunity allows the bride and groom to gift one another with, for example, an item of clothing they may have to wear or a small bottle of alcohol to enjoy so that they can reduce their nerves.

Not sure what to gift your husband-to-be on the big day? Here’s a list of exceptional gift ideas your fiancé is sure to love.

1. Personalized Drinking Glasses

What’s your hubby’s drink of choice? One perfectly simple but effective wedding day gift is a personalized set of drinking glasses with a small bottle of alcohol to match. You can find a variety of personalized whiskey, scotch, wine or beer glasses online and order them one-of-a-kind. Choose to have the groom’s name on the glass with your name on the other. Or, if you are feeling extra romantic, you could have Mr and Mrs etched onto the glasses.

2. Funny Socks

While wedding day socks are usually associated with ‘cold feet,’ this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Socks are a wonderfully fun and unique gift you can give to your groom, and what’s more, they can even wear them throughout the day. There are some excellent funny wedding socks for grooms to choose from. Go one step further and treat your father to a pair of the ‘Father of the Bride Socks’ so the two favorite men in your life can match.

3. Aftershave/Fragrance for Men

There is a long list of fragrances on offer and everyone has their own preferences when it comes to selecting a fragrance that is perfect for them. Therefore, you should only select an aftershave for your groom if you are certain you know the fragrance notes that they enjoy.

The most popular fragrances that are on the market, however, include:

– Dolce & Gabbanna: The One
– Paco Rabanne: 1 Million
– Hugo Boss: Bottled

Not sure what fragrance to treat your groom to? Here’s a quick guide to help.

4. Handwritten Letter

Is there anything more romantic than receiving a handwritten love letter from a wife-to-be? Not only is this a simple wedding gift, but it is one that truly shows your partner how much you love them. Of course, you will want to plan and prepare the letter ahead of the wedding day so that you can have the letter professionally written with calligraphy and on high-quality card. By taking these extra steps, the groom can save the letter and maybe even frame it in your house.

Your wedding morning can be quite a stressful time for everyone in the wedding party. Therefore, take some time to send across a loving and thoughtful gift to your husband-to-be so that he knows you are thinking about him and the life you are about to start together.