Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: Top 5 Coolsculpting Questions AnsweredCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: Top 5 Coolsculpting Questions Answered

Anyone looking to tone their body in certain areas, without having to go through painful procedures and long recovery times have access to Coolsculpting. It’s a revolution in body sculpting, thanks to how it uses your body’s natural abilities to trim off the excess fat that clumped up in areas like the stomach, thighs, hips, even arms and back. And this is only a few of the many other areas you can treat with Coolsculpting.

But as amazing as this sounds, there are still many things a lot of people don’t know about Coolsculpting, that they should in order to fully understand what they’re signing up for. With the help of Skinly Aesthetics, a New York based cosmetic clinic and medical spa which offer their treatment of Skinly Aesthetics to countless local clients, we can answer the most widely-asked questions that people have about the treatment.

1. How does it work?

Fat cells are weak to cold temperatures. When exposed to them long enough, they commit what is essentially cell suicide and get absorbed by the body. This is a completely natural process and the only artificial stimulation it gets comes from the cold vacuums which are placed on the part of the body being treated.

For 40 to 50 minutes, depending on what part of the body you’ll be treating, cold air is going to be pumped against the skin, causing the cells to begin their apoptosis process, destroy themselves and get absorbed by the rest of the body. This will take place over several months, as your body slowly but surely tones and sculpts itself without any injections, cuts or incision being required.

2. What side effects does it have?

As with any other cosmetic treatment, people want to know about the side effects and what they’ll have to endure following the procedure. Luckily, Coolsculpting has one of the easiest and most painless side effects. Immediately after the procedure is over, you’ll feel a little aching in the treated area as well as this little itching sensation.

Have you ever walked into a hot room after being out in the cold for a while and your hands begin to hurt? This is essentially the same phenomenon, where your skin isn’t used to the temperature yet and is slowly adapting to the new heat. It goes away after a while and you should come back to normal in no time. As far as other side effects go, there have been reports of redness, which again, is completely normal a couple hours after the treatment and the dryness of the skin. But both of these are very easy to take care of with simple household skin care products.

And within the first day, these side effects should go away and you can back to normal without any complicated recovery procedures or techniques.

3. Does the procedure hurt?

Another big worry for a lot of people, maybe even a putoff, is when cosmetic treatments are painful, which they sometimes can be, even if for just a little. But Coolscuplting by its very nature is painless.

Our skin is able to adapt to any temperature, including the cold. So, after a couple minutes of being exposed to the cold temperatures, it’ll get used to the sensation and go numb. You’ll essentially only feel the cold for the first 7 to 10 minutes and after that, you’ll feel absolutely nothing. Other than numbness, of course.

4. What parts of the body can it treat?

With Coolsculpting, you can treat a wide variety of areas on your body. Most popular areas of treatment are the stomach, thighs, hips and even under the chin. But thanks to how versatile the Coolsculpting treatment and its equipment are, you can also treat the arms, back, legs, anything you think of that may have excess fat built up there.

Your best bet on deciding what you want to treat depends greatly on your own personal opinion and what’s been bothering you about your body. Maybe you have slightly bigger thighs that you want to see more toned. Or maybe even it’s a double chin that you see in every selfie you take. Coolsculpting works wonders on all these areas and within a couple months, you’ll have exactly the kind of toned body you’ve always hoped for.

5. Is it really expensive?

Any cosmetic treatment, considering how generally they are very complex and require a lot of qualifications in order to perform, are more expensive than something you’re comfortable paying for on a monthly basis. But specifically for Coolsculpting, it’s hard to give one specific answer, when everyone has different needs and expectations.

The price will depend on what or where you’re treating and how much of it. So, it’s hard to give even a rough estimate. The best way for you to find out is by consulting a clinic and asking their specialists, who can give you an accurate pricing model. For example, many of Skinly Aesthetics’ clients who go in for the clinic’s Coolsculpting NYC treatment plan often call beforehand and make sure they understand exactly how much it’s going to cost.

And you need to make sure to do that yourself. Don’t take any unnecessary guesses. Clinics love to give you all the information you need.

Good to Be Curious

Even if you’re not planning on getting Coolsculpting anytime soon, it’s still pretty interesting hearing about just how it works, what it does and what you can expect from it. It’s a perfect addition to cosmetic clinics as a treatment, since it offers an easy solution to people who don’t have the time, energy or money to tone specific parts of their body, without using any questionable methods.

It’s broken new ground in terms of body sculpting and with every new development in its effectiveness, you can expect Coolsculpting to only get better and better over time.