Cupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Tips: Best Stress-Relieving WorkoutsCupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Tips: Best Stress-Relieving Workouts

By Nicole Maher

It seems like our schedules get busier and busier every year. Whether we are working from home or going into the office, it can still be challenging to find time to both relax and workout. If you are looking to kill two birds with one stone, try incorporating some of these fitness tips into your weekly routine to both stay on track with your fitness goals and relieve some of your everyday stress. 

Check out these fitness tips on the five best workouts to relieve stress.

1. Workout-of-the-day: If you’re someone who enjoys changing up your schedule day-to-day, taking part in a workout-of-the-day program could be a great way to relieve some stress and keep you on track with your fitness goals. Many of these programs are in video format, and offer five to six different workouts that last around thirty minutes. Having a variety of options to choose from for your daily workout can help keep your packed schedule a little more spontaneous while still keeping your allotted amount of time for working out consistent throughout the week.

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2. Yoga: One of the best workouts for relieving stress is yoga. As yoga places emphasis on both exercising the body and the mind, it allows you to relieve both physical and mental stress. There are also countless different types of yoga for people of all skill levels, so if you’ve never tried this exercise before, there are still plenty of options for you to pick from. Despite seeming low impact, yoga can also help with overall body strength and balance, therefore giving you some of the physical benefits of working out along with the stress relief. 

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3. Pilates: Some people really like to burn out their stress by taking part in high intensity workouts. If this is the case for you, try incorporating a Pilates workout into your weekly schedule. These workouts typically include the use of bodyweight, ankle weights, and resistance bands, making them perfect for strength training. While guaranteed to make you sweat, Pilates workouts come in different intensities. So if there is a day where you don’t feel the same drive to workout, you can still relieve some stress with a modified workout using the same equipment. 

4. Sports: Our hobbies are also a great way of relieving some stress through movement, especially if one of your go-to hobbies is a sport. Playing pick-up games of basketball or soccer with some friends helps relieve stress by getting your body in motion, as well as socializing with others. Even going to a court or field for a little while and practicing a sport by yourself can help clear your mind from whatever stress you are feeling. This fitness tip is also beneficial in the fact that you don’t need to learn any new skills for a workout, as the sport is something you are already familiar with. 

5. An outdoor run: In a world where we are doing so much from our houses, sometimes simply stepping away from our computers for a little while and going outside can help relieve stress. If you live in an area that allows you to, try incorporating outdoor walks or runs into your fitness plans for the week. The walks and runs will keep you burning calories to stay on track with your fitness goals, and the fresh air will genuinely do wonders for relieving stress and allowing you to clear your mind.

What are some other workouts that are perfect for relieving stress? Start a conversation in the comments below!