Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Advice: 6 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for a Beauty Guru Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Advice: 6 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for a Beauty Guru 

By Nicole Maher

The holidays are just days away, and if you are just now realizing you’ve forgotten a gift for someone, you are probably not alone. With the craziness of the holiday season, it’s normal for everyone to be scrambling for last minute gifts. Beauty products are always a great option for last minute gifts as the options are endless and beauty trends are constantly changing. Check out the beauty advice below to find the perfect gift for the beauty guru in your life. 

Use this beauty advice to find the perfect last minute holiday gift for your beauty guru friend.

1. Makeup brush set: Makeup brands and celebrities are constantly coming out with new brush sets, especially around the holiday season. This makes makeup brushes the perfect gift to give the beauty guru in your life. For a larger gift, purchase the complete set of brushes. If you are looking for a smaller option, many brush sets can be broken down into different areas of the face, such as eyeshadow brushes or blush and bronzer brush sets.

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2. Facial moisturizer: Many people have a relatively consistent skincare routine, so it can be challenging to buy someone a facial cleanser. However, moisturizers are a good alternative as they are likely to be compatible with more skin types. Search the beauty market for new facial moisturizers that offer different benefits, such as targeting specific dry areas or doubling as a primer for makeup. Moisturizers with some form of sun protection are also great options for your beauty loving friend. 

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3. Hair styling tool: If you are looking for a gift that is a little bit larger, hair styling tools are a great option. With so many new hair tools hitting the market each year, you should have no problem finding one that your beauty guru friend doesn’t own yet. Classic styling tools include straighteners and curling irons, which can be useful if your friend is in need of a replacement. Less conventional options include blow-out brushes and styling attachments for hair dryers, which could help your friend find their new favorite hair style!

4. Setting spray: It can be challenging to buy someone a makeup product if you are unsure of their exact skin tone in terms of foundations and concealers. This makes the gift of setting spray a great option for someone who loves makeup, as it does not need to match any specific shades. It is also something that they may use more frequently than some other makeup-centered gifts. Use this beauty advice to buy your friend a refill of their go-to setting spray, or give them the opportunity to try out a new product by gifting them with one they’ve never tried. 

5. Body scrub: Another great option for the beauty guru in your life is the gift of a body scrub. This is another product that does not require any color matching, and is typically compatible with most skin types. Go for floral smelling body scrub if your friend is a big fan of scented products, or go for something more natural if they are into clean, chemical-free products. Like many of the other beauty advice gift ideas, body scrubs come in a variety of sizes and prices, making it a good option for any budget this holiday season.

6. Manicure set: Whether as a hobby or way of saving some extra money, many people have been opting to give themselves at-home manicures rather than heading to the nail salon every few weeks. If you know someone who always has their nails freshly painted, an at-home manicure set could be a great gift option. For a smaller gift, go for a set that includes the basic manicure tools and a few nail polish colors. For a larger option, go for a nail dryer or UV-gel manicure light to help them perfect their new hobby!

What are some other last minute holiday gifts for a beauty guru? Start a conversation in the comments below!