Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Tips: 5 At-Home Activities for the WinterCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Tips: 5 At-Home Activities for the Winter

By Nicole Maher

The winter season is upon us, and that usually means a short break in the school year for many children. While you may usually use this time to travel, your seasonal family vacation may be swapped with staying at home this winter due to the ongoing pandemic. However, this doesn’t mean that all plans have to be canceled. Make the most of this time at home by testing out some of these parenting tips and trying a new at-home activity with your children.

In these parenting tips, check out five at-home activities to share with your children this winter.

1. Home-theater night: Movie nights are the perfect winter activity, even if you have to do them from home rather than going to the theater. Try to maximize the experience by adding movie theater elements, such as popcorn and candy as you get ready to watch the movie together. Turning your living room into a theater by dimming the lights or building a pillow fort is also a great way of making the night feel more special. Once everything is set up, get ready to stream the newest release, or re-watch a family favorite with your kids. 

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2. Bake together: Staying home this winter provides the perfect opportunity to bake with your children. Whether you are opting for a boxed mix or trying out a recipe from scratch, baking together is a great way to spend time with your children while teaching them a little bit about the kitchen. Baking and decorating cookies is a good option for younger children while older kids may find more interest in something slightly more complicated, like decorating a cake. Try testing out a new recipe each week so that each baking experience feels new to your child. 

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3. Game tournament: Family game nights are a staple in many households. Make the most of this ongoing family tradition by hosting a game tournament one night this winter. Allow each member of your family to select their favorite game and take turns playing them. If you live with multiple other people, you can spread this activity out by doing it over the course of a week. Use this parenting tip to introduce your children to games you enjoyed when you were younger, as well as to find a new game that you all enjoy playing together.  

4. Virtual family get-togethers: It can be challenging to be away for family members for a long period of time. If your family is missing out on a holiday or annual get-together this year due to the pandemic, try hosting the event virtually instead. While virtual hang-outs are not the same as spending time in person, it still allows you to have conversations and keep everyone involved. Rather than hosting one large virtual get-together in place of a holiday, try doing smaller ones over the course of the winter months. 

5. Read together: As a parent, you may find yourself looking for ways to get your child away from the screens during the winter months. Reading a book together is a great parenting tip for continued learning and quality bonding time. With younger children, try reading a book to them at some point throughout the day to help them stay on track academically. With older children, try finding a book that you’ll both enjoy so that you can read it together and discuss your favorite characters. 

What are some other at-home activities to share with your kids this winter? Start a conversation in the comments below!