Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Holiday Gift Guide for NewlywedsCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Holiday Gift Guide for Newlyweds

Newly married couples come together bringing their different backgrounds and tastes, making shopping for them more difficult. When you want to buy a couple’s gift, choosing something that appeals to both people in the relationship is challenging.

If you can think outside the box, you might come up with some memorable holiday presents. Here are some of our top choices.


For some gorgeous textiles, check out one of our favorites. August Table napkins and linens are block-printed by hand on mill-made cotton by Indian artists. We love the soft colors and the boho-chic vibe that make tablescaping so fun. They’re timeless, but not fussy. They don’t have that vintage, overly-precious grandma feel, either. You can mix and match, style your table and host some fabulous gatherings.

For the Road-Tripping Couple

Right now, we’re deep in COVID. Some couples would rather live on rice and beans if it meant they could travel. If they had the choice, they’d be off adventuring right now, which means the pandemic is driving them particularly crazy.

For a fun, reasonably priced gift, give them something to do now and then use as a plan for the future. Wrap up a box of small-headed, colorful pins, puzzle glue and this National Parks puzzle. They can keep their hands busy while they plan their future road trips, and glue the pieces together when they’re done.

When it’s time, they can hang up their map in the garage next to their suitcases and put pins in all the national parks they visit.

The Family Saying

Is there a family motto or inside joke that would make a great sign or placard for the newlyweds’ home? Our Kindred Home makes beautiful handmade wooden pieces for home decor that can define their living space. If none of this company’s signs fit your friends’ story, you can get a custom job done. What is this couple’s meet-cute? What do they always say to each other? What do they want for a family motto? If you know, you might have the perfect gift to give them this holiday season.

Newlywed Keepsake

These customizable gifts from Promenade Fields are simply adorable. We love the wall art with a romantic saying you can choose, a sketch of a couple made to look like them, and their names spelled out on the bottom of the print.

There are also personalized mugs and candles for even more romantic keepsake choices. Perfect for newlyweds. They’ll definitely be able to tell you put some thought into their gift.

For Nature Lovers

Palmer Planter Pots are simply lovely homemade pots crafted in the USA, designed by potters Daniel Ricardo Teran & Naomi Cleary. Everyone needs a little green in their house, and these planters add to any plant’s natural beauty.

You can go with the natural vibrant terracotta or with the company’s beautifully glazed pieces. Art and function together always make the best presents.

Like we said, presents are just harder to buy when you have to consider both people in a relationship. We hope we’ve given you some suggestions for couple gifts that will click with the people in your life.

Happy Holidays!