Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: 7 Halloween Makeup Looks You Can Wear with a MaskCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: 7 Halloween Makeup Looks You Can Wear with a Mask

By Nicole Maher

You may find yourself wearing a different kind of mask than normal this Halloween. While the inclusion of a mask may go against your original costume plan, there are still many ways to look festive while remaining safe on October 31st. Whether it is for your small gathering or simply for the Instagram picture, try incorporating some of the following beauty tips to create the perfect mask-friendly makeup look this Halloween.  

Try out some of these beauty tips to help you create the perfect mask-friendly makeup look this Halloween.

1. Cat-eye: The classic cat-eye is the perfect makeup option when it comes to wearing a mask. Put your eyeliner skills to the test by applying a thick cat-eye above your lash line. You can also incorporate the mask into your costume as an accessory by drawing on a cute nose and set of whiskers. Throwing on a pair of cat ears is also a great way to compliment your eyeliner and complete the costume.

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2. Mermaid scales: Break out your brightest blue eyeshadows and get ready to complete your mask-friendly mermaid costume. By placing a pair of fishnets over your forehead, you can trace out the perfect scale pattern quickly and easily. Try adding some bright scales to the sides of your hairline to frame your eyes, and incorporate a shiny mask to finish out the look.

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3. Sunken eyes: One of the most popular makeup looks to pull off on Halloween is the skeleton. This look can also be one of the most challenging, making this year the perfect time to give it a try. Since only the top half of your face will be visible, focus your effort on producing your best sunken eyes with some gray eyeshadow. Continue by tracing the remaining skeletal features out with white eyeliner and throw on a skeleton-smile mask to save yourself from attempting to draw the teeth! 

4. Lots of glitter: There is no better time for body glitter than on Halloween. From copying looks from the television show Euphoria to going with more classic options such as princesses and fairies, there are no shortage of glitter looks this Halloween. By coating your eyelids in a shimmery shadow and applying some jewels to your upper cheeks, this beauty tip will make it look like you put in maximum effort on your mask-friendly costume. 

5. Doll eyes: Another trend that has been gaining momentum this Halloween is doll eyes. Whether you prefer Barbie dolls or Bratz, there are plenty of tutorials showing you how to create the perfect doll eyes. By overlining your eyes and applying full fake eyelashes, you’ll have no trouble turning yourself into one of your favorite childhood toys. Take your recreation to the next level by tracing the dolls lips onto the front of your mask and throwing on some themed accessories. 

6. Colored contacts: If you’re not the biggest fan of wearing makeup but still want to participate in a mask-friendly Halloween look, colored contacts are a great alternative. Throw on a pair of white contacts to complete a skeleton look, or opt for a deep red to put forward your best vampire. Colored contacts are also a great way to avoid the tiredly makeup removal process at the end of Halloween night as all you have to do is take them out. 

7. Classic clown: While they may not be for everyone, clown costumes are another mask-friendly option this Halloween. You can go the scary route by recreating a horror film clown look with dark triangles around your eyes, or the more friendly route by using bright eyeshadows and painting a red nose onto your mask. Wigs and props are another great way to attenuate this costume while staying safe this Halloween. 

What are some other mask-friendly Halloween makeup options? Start a conversation in the comments below!