Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Kelsea Ballerini Talks How Husband Supported Her Reimagined AlbumCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Kelsea Ballerini Talks How Husband Supported Her Reimagined Album

By Nicole Maher

In the latest celebrity news, singer Kelsea Ballerini describes how her husband, Morgan Evans, supported the creation of her reimagined album throughout quarantine. According to, Ballerini and Evans had agreed not to write music together when quarantine began, but as time went on, they found enjoyment in sharing their creative processes with each other. In March, Ballerini released a stripped-down version of her Kelsea album titled Ballerini. The celebrity couple initially met in 2016 and were married in December of 2017.

In celebrity couple news, Kelsea Ballerini gave credit to her husband for supporting her through the release of her most recent album. What are some ways to support your partner’s passions?

Cupid’s Advice:

Whether you and your partner have shared passions, or they are drastically different, it is important to support each other through all of your endeavors. If you are looking for some ways to support your partner’s passions, Cupid has some advice for you:

1. Attend their events: Whether it’s a sport, art style, or other type of hobby, it is likely that your partner will eventually start attending events centered around their passion. A great way to show your support is to accompany them to these types of events. By cheering your partner on through a race or sitting in the audience of an open-mic, your presence will show your partner that you respect their passion just as much as they do. 

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2. Ask questions: The best way to show support for a passion you may not completely understand is to ask questions. Your partner is likely aware that you do not share the same passion as them, but by showing you’re interested through asking questions, they will still feel supported and appreciated. Show them you want to learn more by getting to know some of the details about what they are passionate about! 

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3. Celebrate successes: Big or small, it is important to celebrate your partner’s successes within their passion. Acknowledge the new milestones they are reaching by buying them a gift or treating them to a night out. These little celebrations will give them the drive they need to continue advancing in their passion while also allowing you to have fun and support them.  

What are some other ways to support your partner’s passion? Start a conversation in the comments below!